OTN Equipment Loaner Program

To apply for an equipment loan, please fill out the following three documents and submit to oceantrackingnetwork@dal.ca. OTN will review the application and respond accordingly. Please note, the review and approval process for larger loan request (>5 units) can take up to 3 months. Applications are evaluated based on:

  • The scientific merit of the research program. The relevance of the proposal to the mission and science objectives of the OTN
  • The adequacy of array design and risk management strategies
  • The potential for the deployment to foster networking with other telemetry researchers in the region, and to assist with growing the OTN

Loaner Application

OTN’s standard loaner application which covers information on the Principal Investigator and any project collaborators.

Project Plan

All loan applications must be accompanied by a detailed project plan outlining the project, proposed receiver locations, and potential risks.

Data Policy

OTN requires all applicants to abide by our data policy. Please review the data policy, sign, and return along with your equipment loan application and project plan.