Data Resources

Useful data and metadata collection tools for OTN collaborators, our data policy, and our open-source data analysis environment

Data and Metadata Templates

 OTN's data templates for submitting data on project rationale, receiver deployments and animal tagging efforts to the OTN Data Centre. Connect your project to the hundreds already collaborating around the world and receive detections across the entirety of OTN's receiver infrastructure.

OTN Data Policies and Guidelines

 The terms of collaboration for OTN members. Details on embargo periods for tagged animals, and OTN's established rules that protect the right of publication while establishing a pathway to public access to telemetry data and metadata.

OTN Analysis Tools

 A Git repository containing a Python package with OTN's growing suite of telemetry data analysis tools. 

GLATOS - R Analysis Tools

 A Git repository containing an R package with a complementary suite of telemetry data analysis tools being primarily developed at the Great Lakes Animal Telemetry Observation System

OTN Equipment Loan Application

OTN's standard application documents for initiating an equipment loan

Geospatial Data Portal - Ocean Gliders - Publication Data Repository
  Mystery Tag Lookup - Public Data Access