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  1. A/OFRC: Anishinabek - Ontario Fisheries Resource Center (A/OFRC)
    1. GARLS (GLATOS): Garden River Lake Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. PRMSK (GLATOS): Pic River Musky Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    1. ABC4 (FACT): ABC4 - (Array) Baseline ecological assessment ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  3. Acadia U: Acadia University
    1. BSB (OTN): Cape Breton Striped Bass Type=Data, Records=1454657, LastModified=2022-10-25
    2. EELSPG (OTN): SPG Project: Coastal ecology of American ... Type=Tracker, Records=148, LastModified=2021-07-21
    3. FRO (OTN): Frobisher Bay, Canada Type=Data, Records=33379, LastModified=2019-12-20
    4. HRFORCE (OTN): Quantifying fish-turbine interactions using new high ... Type=Data, Records=8171177, LastModified=2023-03-08
    5. MBKELT (OTN): Minas Basin Salmon Kelt Type=Tracker, Records=100, LastModified=2019-05-23
    6. MPD (OTN): OTN Canada Atlantic Sturgeon Tracking Type=Data, Records=14759051, LastModified=2023-06-27
    7. MPS (OTN): OTN Minas Passage Line Type=Deployment, Records=12866442, LastModified=2023-06-30
    8. NSP (OTN): /ACADIA Minas Passage of the Bay ... Type=Data, Records=531949, LastModified=2023-03-08
    9. OAKEEL (OTN): Oakland Lake Eel Type=Data, Records=182593, LastModified=2021-08-05
    10. TOMSPG (OTN): SPG Project: Determining Atlantic tomcod spawning ... Type=Tracker, Records=461, LastModified=2021-02-01
    11. V2LNSSB (OTN): Nova Scotia Striped Bass Tracking Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  4. ACC-NEAQ: Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium
    1. DTNSSR (FACT): DTNSSR Array- The Dry Tortugas Nurse ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. DTNSST (FACT): DTNSST Tags- The Dry Tortugas Nurse ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. NEAQSHA (ACT): NEAQSHA: New England Aquarium Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. NEAQSHT (ACT): NEAQSHT Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. NEAQTURTLE (ACT): NEAQTURT Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  5. AFBI: Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute
    1. SMAFBI (OTN): Seamonitor: River Bush study Type=Data, Records=29862, LastModified=2022-06-13
  6. AGFC: Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
    1. AMEELA (FACT): AMEELA Array- Migration dynamics of silver ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. AMEELT (FACT): AMEELA Tags- Migration dynamics of silver ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  7. APU: Alaska Pacific University
    1. DSO (NEP): Scheel Tags Type=Tracker, Records=30, LastModified=2012-06-08
  8. ASCR: Biology Centre CAS - Institute of Hydrobiology
    1. MacFish (ETN): MacFish Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. TeRi (ETN): TeRi Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  9. ASF-OTN: Atlantic Salmon Federation and Ocean Tracking Network
    1. ASF (OTN): Atlantic Salmon Federation Type=Data, Records=17100825, LastModified=2023-06-30
  10. ASI: Atlantic Shark Institute
    1. ASIARRAY (ACT): ASI Shark Species & Density ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. ASISPINNER (ACT): ASI Spinner Shark Study Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. ASIWHITE (ACT): ASI White Shark Project (Southern NE) Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. ASIWHITE21 (ACT): ASI - Collaborative White Shark Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  11. AUBURN: Auburn University
    1. SGGAJ (FACT): SGGAJ - (Tag) Estimating abundance of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  12. B

  13. Bayworld: Bayworld Museum Complex
    1. ABRS (SAF): Algoa Bay raggedtooth shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=70, LastModified=2015-02-13
  14. BBFSF: Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation
    1. V2LBBFSF (OTN): Multi-elasmobranch species telemetry project Type=Data, Records=5083870, LastModified=2023-06-15
  15. BC-FLNRO: British Columbia Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
    1. BISN (NEP): Bison Tags Type=Tracker, Records=200, LastModified=2012-06-08
  16. BGSU: Bowling Green State University
    1. LECCS (GLATOS): Lake Erie (Maumee River) Channel Catfish Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. LENOP (GLATOS): Western Basin Lake Erie Northern Pike Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  17. BGU: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
    1. V2LLIONFS (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Lionfish (Pterios ... Type=Data, Records=18, LastModified=2019-09-13
  18. BMIC: Bay Mills Indian Community
    1. WBCCM (GLATOS): Waishkey Bay Common Carp Movement Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. WPSMR (GLATOS): Walleye and Pike in the St. ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  19. BTT: Bonefish and Tarpon Trust
    1. BTTBFA (FACT): BTTBFA - (Array) Identifying Bonefish Pre-spawning ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. BTTBONE (FACT): BTTBONE Tags- Bonefish in the Florida ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. BTTFLK (OTN): Spatial Ecology of Permit and Atlantic ... Type=Data, Records=11964350, LastModified=2023-06-30
    4. BTTPER (FACT): BTTPER - (Tag) Spatial and resource ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. BTTPERTAR (FACT): BTTPERTAR - (Array) Spatial Ecology of ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. BTTTAR (FACT): BTTTAR - (Tag) Movement Patterns and ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  20. BtWaves: Beneath the Waves
    1. BTWMOL (OTN): BTW Ocean sunfish Type=Data, Records=14, LastModified=2022-11-28
    2. V2LBTW (OTN): Beneath the Waves Type=Data, Records=254292, LastModified=2023-06-14
    3. V2LJPN (OTN): Tracking Hammerhead Sharks in Japan Type=Data, Records=30633, LastModified=2017-11-08
  21. BU: Bournemouth University
    1. 2020 PhD - Winter (ETN): 2020_PhD_Winter Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. Northern Norfolk Broads (ETN): Northern_Norfolk_Broads Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. NTNU Hemfjorden (ETN): OTN-Hemnfjorden Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. PhD Nolan (ETN): PhD_Nolan Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  22. BYUH: Brigham Young University - Hawaii
    1. MKOIO (PIRAT): Molokai Oio Tracking Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  23. C

  24. CarlU: Carleton University
    1. HAMLO (GLATOS): Hamilton Harbour Lake Ontario Multi-species Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. SLRMM (GLATOS): St. Lawrence River Esocid Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. TAAS (NEP): Tracking anadromous adult salmonids Type=Tracker, Records=708, LastModified=2018-04-04
  25. CARP: Clean Annapolis River Project
    1. CARP (OTN): Annapolis River watershed anadromous species Type=Data, Records=252594, LastModified=2023-06-27
  26. CBHNP: Cape Breton Highlands National Park
    1. V2LCBHNP (OTN): Cape Breton Highlands National Park salmon ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  27. CBU: Cape Breton University
    1. BDL (OTN): OTN Bras d'Or Lakes Array Type=Data, Records=2870092, LastModified=2023-03-08
    2. V2LSBERS (OTN): Scatarie Bank Experiential Research Site Type=Deployment, Records=2, LastModified=2020-09-03
  28. CCMAR: Centro de Ciências do Mar
    1. BECORV (ETN): BECORV Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. BlueCrab2022Algarve (ETN): Unravelling the migrations of the invasive ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. INFORBIOMARES (ETN): Inforbiomares Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  29. CCU: Coastal Carolina University
    1. CCUSBR (FACT): CCUSBR Tags- Migratory movements of juvenile ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. CCUSRP (FACT): CCUSRP Array- Factors Influencing Movements of ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. CPJW (FACT): CPJW Tags- Osmoregulation and salinity preference ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. JLACL1 (FACT): JLACL1 Tags- Demographics, Residency and Movement ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. SAIHU (FACT): SAIHU Tags- Winter elasmobranch composition in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. SMARTRI (FACT): SMARTRI Array- Acoustic receiver detections ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. V2LSCS (OTN): VR2W Loan - South Carolina Sharks Type=Data, Records=38277, LastModified=2022-10-25
  30. CDFW: California Department of Fish and Wildlife
    1. CDFWA15 (PATH): CDFWA15 Type=Data, Records=2727071, LastModified=2023-06-28
    2. CDFWA21 (PATH): CDFWA21 Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. CDFWGS (NEP): California Department of Fish and Wildlife ... Type=Data, Records=42, LastModified=2021-05-12
    4. CDFWJGS (NEP): California Department of Fish and Wildlife ... Type=Data, Records=156, LastModified=2022-10-07
    5. PSMFCCDFWOM22 (PATH): psmfccdfwom22O Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. SJRRP (NEP): San Joaquin River Restoration Program Type=Data, Records=756546, LastModified=2021-11-19
  31. CEFAS: Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
    1. SMOLTRACK I -England (ETN): SMOLTRACK-I-Engeland Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. SMOLTRACK II -England (ETN): SMOLTRACK-II-Engeland Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  32. CEI: Cape Eleuthera Institute
    1. ELEU (FACT): ELEU Tags- The spatial ecology of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  33. CERM: Center for the Study of Mediterranean Rivers
    1. MIGRATOEBRE (ETN): MIGRATOEBRE Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  34. CFCC: Cape Fear Community College Marine Technology Program
    1. CFMTP (ACT): CFCC Marine Tech CFR Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  35. CFF: Coonamessett Farm Foundation
    1. BSBCB (ACT): CFF Black Sea Bass Tagging Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  36. CHNAW: Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation
    1. LHBTP (GLATOS): Lake Huron Bima'azh Telemetry Project Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  37. CICESE: Centro de Investigación Cientifica y de Educacion Superior de Ensenada
    1. BOOMBARI (NEP): Acoustic Receiver on CICESE Buoy in ... Type=Deployment, Records=2, LastModified=2018-03-19
  38. CLEM: Clemson University
    1. CLEMPAR (FACT): CLEMPAR Tags- Influences of substrate composition ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  39. CMAR: Centre for Marine Applied Research
    1. CMARG (OTN): CMAR Glider Surveys Type=Deployment, Records=185, LastModified=2021-08-05
    2. NSDFA (OTN): CMAR Nova Scotia Environmental Sensor Sites Type=Deployment, Records=5153914, LastModified=2023-03-08
  40. CMRC: Coastal & Marine Research Centre
    1. CESB (OTN): CMRC European Sea Bass Tracking Type=Tracker, Records=28, LastModified=2014-02-13
  41. CNRS: Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique
    1. MNB (OTN): Effect of shipping noise on Buccinum ... Type=Data, Records=714712, LastModified=2023-06-30
  42. CORE: The Centre for Ocean Research and Education
    1. OC2020A (FACT): OC2020A Array- Shark Research at Ocean ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. OC2020T (FACT): OC2020T Tags- Shark Research at Ocean ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  43. Cornell: Cornell University
    1. HRSNS (ACT): Hudson River Shortnose Population Estimate Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. LOCCS (GLATOS): Lake Ontario Cornell Chinook Salmon Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  44. CREMA: Centro Rescate Especies Marinas Amenazadas
    1. V2LCOCOS (MIGRAMAR): Long-term acoustic monitoring program of endagered ... Type=Data, Records=1949571, LastModified=2023-04-21
    2. V2LCOSTERO (MIGRAMAR): Coastal tracking and monitoring of endangered ... Type=Data, Records=541288, LastModified=2023-03-08
  45. CSA: CSA Ocean Sciences Inc.
    1. CSABUL (FACT): CSABUL Tags - Ecology of young ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  46. CSIC-IIM: Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas de Vigo
    1. GTN (ETN): Galician (NW Spain) acoustic Tracking Network Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. MOBEIA (ETN): Long-term array MOnitoring BEhaviour in Illas ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  47. CT DEEP: Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
    1. CT001 (ACT): CT DEEP LIS array (Sec. 6 ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. CTR0204 (ACT): CT River Sturgeon (2002-2004) Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. CTSEC6 (ACT): CT DEEP Sturgeon movements in CT, ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. CTSWG1 (ACT): CT DEEP Atlantic Sturgeon Studies 2006-2009 Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  48. CWF: Canadian Wildlife Federation
    1. V2LEOR (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Eels in ... Type=Data, Records=58610, LastModified=2018-05-28
    2. V2LEOR2 (OTN): American Eel Assesment at Hydropower Facility Type=Data, Records=3163323, LastModified=2023-03-08
  49. CZS: Chicago Zoological Society
    1. CZSBUL (FACT): CZSBUL Tags- Movement patterns of bullsharks ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. CZSDPF (FACT): CZSDPF - (Tag) A preliminary assessment ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. MOTGAS (FACT): MOTGAS - (Tag) Movement patterns of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. SRQDEP (FACT): SRQDEP Tags- Human-animal conflict: Shark behavior ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. SRQMVMT (FACT): SRQMVT Tags- Coastal shark presence at ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  50. D

  51. DAFF: South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
    1. GEFT (SAF): Goukou Estuary fish tracking Type=Tracker, Records=66, LastModified=2013-09-10
  52. DAL-DFO-BIO: Dalhousie and DFO, Bedford Institute of Oceanography Collaboration
    1. GDL (OTN): Glider Operations Type=Deployment, Records=1026935, LastModified=2023-03-08
    2. SGS (OTN): OTN Canada Sable Island Grey Seal ... Type=Data, Records=1033419, LastModified=2023-06-27
  53. DAL: Dalhousie University
    1. AMZRC (OTN): Amazing Race Lobster Tagging Type=Tracker, Records=38, LastModified=2015-11-09
    2. BDLSPG (OTN): Apoqnmatulti'k - Bras D'Or Lake Type=Data, Records=18506800, LastModified=2023-05-10
    3. BOOCCSB (OTN): VR2W loaner used on SS Cool ... Type=Deployment, Records=36, LastModified=2017-05-03
    4. BOONWA (OTN): Buoys of Opportunity Northwest Atlantic Type=Deployment, Records=252, LastModified=2018-10-11
    5. BOOSJS (OTN): Buoys of Opportunity – Saint John ... Type=Deployment, Records=8472, LastModified=2023-03-08
    6. BOOST (OTN): South Tikkoraluk Buoy Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. CHC (OTN): Photo Identification of White Sharks Type=Tracker, Records=2, LastModified=2023-02-15
    8. GEERG (OTN): St. Lawrence River Estuary Tag Release ... Type=Data, Records=138184, LastModified=2011-03-04
    9. GPZ (OTN): Gliderpalooza Type=Deployment, Records=222, LastModified=2022-04-01
    10. KWBT (NEP): Bull Trout in the Kinbasket Reservoir Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    11. NSBS (OTN): OTN NS Blue Shark Tracking Type=Data, Records=1164, LastModified=2023-06-07
    12. SIA (OTN): OTN Sable Island Array Type=Deployment, Records=2127, LastModified=2023-06-27
    13. V2LATSLM (OTN): SPG - Atlantic salmon migration, survival ... Type=Data, Records=5386, LastModified=2023-03-08
    14. WRS (OTN): NS Southern Upland Salmon Tagging Type=Data, Records=930430, LastModified=2022-10-25
  54. DDNI: Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development
    1. IGH (ETN): IG II Fish Pass Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  55. DEA: Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa
    1. DEASBT (SAF): Aliwal Shoal shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=44, LastModified=2016-04-18
  56. DEM-RI-MF: Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Division of Marine Fisheries
    1. RICSS (ACT): RIDEM DMF Coastal Shark Tagging Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. RIDMF (ACT): RI DMF Acoustic Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. RIWFCC (ACT): Narragansett Bay Cable Corridor Monitoring Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. RIWFL (ACT): RI DMF Winter Flounder Study Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  57. DESU: Delaware State University
    1. DAS (OTN): DSU: Atlantic sturgeon tagging Type=Tracker, Records=2, LastModified=2011-03-14
  58. DFO-BIO: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Bedford Institute of Oceanography
    1. BOO53N (OTN): Buoys of Opportunity - OSNAP 53N Type=Deployment, Records=723, LastModified=2022-06-20
    2. BOOABS (OTN): Buoys of Opportunity - Arctic Barrow ... Type=Deployment, Records=6, LastModified=2020-11-02
    3. GULMPA (OTN): Maritimes Conservation Network: Gully Marine Protected ... Type=Data, Records=69771, LastModified=2023-03-08
    4. HFX (OTN): OTN Halifax Line Type=Deployment, Records=714144, LastModified=2023-06-27
    5. IBFS (OTN): Inner Bay of Fundy Striped Bass Type=Data, Records=5336479, LastModified=2023-03-08
    6. JGS (OTN): DFO: Sable Island Greenland Sharks Type=Tracker, Records=10, LastModified=2012-09-27
    7. JPBS (OTN): DFO: Porbeagle and Blue Sharks Type=Tracker, Records=139, LastModified=2017-09-19
    8. LHV (OTN): LaHave River: Salmon tagging Type=Tracker, Records=60, LastModified=2013-07-30
    9. MARSS (OTN): Maritimes Region Atlantic salmon marine survival ... Type=Data, Records=4705244, LastModified=2022-11-16
    10. SABMPA (OTN): Maritimes Conservation Network: St. Anns Bank ... Type=Data, Records=5325826, LastModified=2023-06-27
    11. SMR (OTN): St. Mary's River Salmon Tracking Type=Data, Records=3038995, LastModified=2022-10-25
    12. V2LWSAMP (OTN): White Shark Acoustic Monitoring Program Type=Data, Records=629711, LastModified=2023-06-30
    13. VMLPPWS (OTN): Seal and white shark interactions Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    14. WDG (OTN): Bay of Fundy: Spiny Dogfish Type=Tracker, Records=39, LastModified=2012-10-01
    15. ZSC (OTN): Scotian Shelf Snow Crab Tagging Type=Data, Records=2351, LastModified=2023-03-08
  59. DFO-GFC: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Gulf Fisheries Centre
    1. CBTSC (OTN): Snow Crab in the Cape Breton ... Type=Data, Records=1744863, LastModified=2023-06-27
    2. SPI (OTN): Shippagan, NB: Cod tagging Type=Tracker, Records=1045, LastModified=2015-10-13
  60. DFO-MLI: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Maurice Lamontagne Institute
    1. BOOGSL (OTN): Buoys Of Opportunity - Gulf of ... Type=Deployment, Records=1542877, LastModified=2023-03-08
    2. CBS (OTN): OTN Cabot Strait Line Type=Deployment, Records=537752, LastModified=2023-06-27
    3. MCC (OTN): Gulf and 3Ps Atlantic Cod Type=Data, Records=728, LastModified=2021-04-15
    4. PVSLE (OTN): Harbour seal pups' survival and connectivity ... Type=Data, Records=134, LastModified=2022-10-12
    5. V2LBDP (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Baie de ... Type=Data, Records=2739906, LastModified=2019-08-22
    6. V2LIDM (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Lobster movement ... Type=Data, Records=1673052, LastModified=2019-12-20
    7. V2LMAL (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Malpeque Bay ... Type=Data, Records=7431322, LastModified=2023-06-27
    8. V2LMAL1 (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Malpeque Bay ... Type=Data, Records=1218021, LastModified=2023-03-08
    9. V2LRIC (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - 2016 Malpeque ... Type=Data, Records=2223652, LastModified=2023-03-08
    10. V2LSTADC (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - 2016 Doctors ... Type=Data, Records=13109410, LastModified=2023-06-27
    11. V2LSTANI (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - 2016 Navy ... Type=Data, Records=10394645, LastModified=2023-06-27
  61. DFO-MR: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Maritimes Region
    1. BFTTAG (OTN): Estimating Bluefin tuna post release mortality, ... Type=Tracker, Records=106, LastModified=2018-12-11
  62. DFO-NAFC: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre
    1. BEFS (OTN): Baie d'Espoir Fjord Salmon Type=Data, Records=251641, LastModified=2023-03-08
    2. GBT (OTN): Gilbert Bay Telemetry Type=Data, Records=21878912, LastModified=2023-06-27
    3. JBC (OTN): DFO NE Newfoundland Acoustic Array and ... Type=Data, Records=6544564, LastModified=2023-06-20
    4. NLWF (OTN): Newfoundland Wolffish Type=Data, Records=678422, LastModified=2023-06-30
    5. PBGC (OTN): Placentia Bay Green Crab Type=Data, Records=495511, LastModified=2019-08-22
    6. TNC (OTN): Terra Nova National Park Cod Type=Data, Records=10513731, LastModified=2022-10-25
    7. TNS (OTN): Terra Nova National Park Sculpin Type=Data, Records=38938, LastModified=2013-05-07
  63. DFO-NL: Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Newfoundland
    1. NLCOD (OTN): DFO-NL Atlantic Cod Telemetry Type=Tracker, Records=293577, LastModified=2023-04-11
  64. DFO-PBS: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Biological Station
    1. GDBT (NEP): Godbout Tags Type=Tracker, Records=50, LastModified=2012-06-07
    2. WOOD (NEP): Wood Tags Type=Tracker, Records=364, LastModified=2012-06-08
  65. DFO-SABS: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, St. Andrews Biological Station
    1. KEN (OTN): Kennebecasis Basin Salmon Tracking Type=Tracker, Records=8, LastModified=2013-07-30
    2. PBSM (OTN): Quoddy Region Pelagics Telemetry Type=Data, Records=10855832, LastModified=2023-06-30
  66. DFO-SEP: DFO Salmonid Enhancement Program
    1. V2LTL (NEP): OTN VR2W Loan - Trapper Lake Type=Data, Records=4162145, LastModified=2023-06-22
  67. DFO: Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
    1. BALF (NEP): Balfry Tags Type=Tracker, Records=80, LastModified=2012-07-13
    2. BEAM (NEP): Beamish Tags Type=Tracker, Records=290, LastModified=2012-07-17
    3. BLCK (NEP): Block Tags Type=Tracker, Records=12, LastModified=2013-10-25
    4. CIL (OTN): Crow Island Lobster Type=Data, Records=7215635, LastModified=2023-06-27
    5. DFOBFT (OTN): Long-term monitoring of Atlantic Bluefin tuna ... Type=Tracker, Records=88, LastModified=2023-05-01
    6. DFOWS (GLATOS): Direct Movement of Non-indigenous Fishes Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. ELSMU (GLATOS): Lake Superior Muskellunge Movements Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. ELSWE (GLATOS): Eastern Lake Superior Walleye Movement Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. ESIAOI (OTN): Maritimes Conservation Network: Eastern Shore Islands ... Type=Deployment, Records=69, LastModified=2023-05-15
    10. ESRF (OTN): ESRF Atlantic Salmon Offshore Tracking Project Type=Data, Records=20347253, LastModified=2023-06-30
    11. GOODFO (OTN): Glider of Opportunity - DFO acoustic ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    12. GSLHER (OTN): Gulf of St. Lawrence Herring Type=Data, Records=265935, LastModified=2023-03-08
    13. HALIBT (OTN): HaliBT Project Type=Data, Records=1594211, LastModified=2023-06-27
    14. IDLM (OTN): Magdalen Islands White Shark & Grey ... Type=Deployment, Records=80, LastModified=2023-05-16
    15. LSELS (GLATOS): Lake Superior East Lake Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    16. LSWLS (GLATOS): Lake Sturgeon In Western Lake Superior Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    17. MFSAR (OTN): Shark Spatial Ecology and life history ... Type=Data, Records=169, LastModified=2023-06-08
    18. MUSQMPA (OTN): Musquash MPA Receivers Type=Deployment, Records=82363, LastModified=2023-06-27
    19. PML (OTN): Port Mouton Lobster Type=Data, Records=97975952, LastModified=2023-06-27
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    24. SMRLS (GLATOS): St. Marys River Lake Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    25. THFHA (GLATOS): Toronto Harbor Fish Habitat Assessment Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    26. TRCCM (GLATOS): Thames River Common Carp Movement Study Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    27. V2LGSL (OTN): Gulf of St. Lawrence DFO Quebec ... Type=Deployment, Records=170509, LastModified=2023-06-27
    28. WCVICT (NEP): Adult Chinook salmon distribution within killer ... Type=Data, Records=47631, LastModified=2023-06-21
    29. WLONA (GLATOS): Western Lake Ontario Nearshore Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  68. DICT: Dyer Island Conservation Trust
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  69. DNREC-Fish & Wildlife: Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
    1. DEARRAY (ACT): Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  70. DTU-DTU Aqua: National Institute of Aquatic Resources
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    2. 2019_DTUAQUA (ETN): North Aegean Anguilla Tracking Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. DTU-Aqua_RE (ETN): Running_eel Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. Limfjord (ETN): Limfjord Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. SMOLTRACK-Skjern (ETN): DTU-Skjern Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  71. DTU: Technical University of Denmark
    1. BFTDK (OTN): Decadal tracking of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Type=Tracker, Records=18, LastModified=2022-10-12
    2. V2LDBS (OTN): Danish Belts and Sounds Type=Data, Records=253180, LastModified=2023-06-08
    3. V2LLIMS (OTN): Pinnipeds and Salmonids in the Limfjord, ... Type=Data, Records=16800563, LastModified=2023-05-01
  72. DU-Zoology: Dept. Of Zoology, University of Durham
    1. Deveron 2016 (ETN): Deveron 2016 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  73. DWR: California Department of Water Resources
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    2. DWROTAT2004 (PATH): DWROTAT2004 Type=Data, Records=1112, LastModified=2023-05-30
    3. DWRPREDATOR09 (PATH): DWRpredator09 Type=Data, Records=463, LastModified=2023-05-31
    4. LDUX (NEP): Ledoux Bloom Tags Type=Tracker, Records=198, LastModified=2012-07-17
  74. E

  75. ECB: East Coast Biologists, Inc
    1. ECB (FACT): ECB Array- The Efficacy of Mitigation ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. ECBNEAR (FACT): ECBNEAR Tags- The Function of Nearshore ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  76. ECPT: Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism
    1. DCDK (SAF): Dwesa-Cwebe dusky kob tracking Type=Tracker, Records=38, LastModified=2014-08-28
  77. ECU: East Carolina University
    1. BOOOBC (OTN): Habitat use of coastal sharks in ... Type=Data, Records=23698, LastModified=2020-02-14
    2. NCSHEEP (ACT): ECU & UNC Juvenile sheepshead habitat ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. SOFLONC (ACT): ECU Southern Flounder Spawning Study Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  78. EFWC: Eskasoni Fish and Wildlife Commission
    1. ESBT (OTN): EFWC striped bass tagging Type=Tracker, Records=10, LastModified=2014-03-04
  79. EGE: Ege University
    1. Ars (ETN): Ars Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  80. EGEFish: Ege University Faculty of Fisheries
    1. ART (OTN): Artificial Reef Study - Turkey Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. V2LTSTN (OTN): Bluefish migration between the Black and ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  81. Emera: Emera Inc.
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  82. Englobe: Englobe Corp
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  83. ESRF: Environmental Studies Research Fund
    1. BOOJAS (OTN): Assess ambient noise, man-made noise and ... Type=Deployment, Records=604, LastModified=2021-11-09
  84. ETN: European Tracking Network
    1. 2013_Foyle (ETN): 2013_Foyle Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. 2022_Beaver_Durme (ETN): Research on the impact of management ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. Aberdeen 2017 (ETN): Aberdeen 2017 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. BGDanubeSturgeons (ETN): 2021_Sturgeons_Danube_BG Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. CMAX_Hebrides (ETN): Basking_shark_Hebrides Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. Danube Sturgeons (ETN): Danube_Sturgeons Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. EMMN (ETN): EMMN Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. LamTre20/21 (ETN): River_lamprey_River Trent_2020/21 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. Mangar-Keban (ETN): Movement, Range Size and Habitat Utilization ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. NTNU Gaulosen (ETN): NTNU-Gaulosen Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    11. OTN-Skjerstadfjorden (ETN): OTN-Skjerstadfjorden Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    12. OTN-Tosenfjorden (ETN): OTN-Tosenfjorden Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    13. Siganid_Gulf_Aqaba (ETN): Siganid_Gulf_Aqaba Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    14. SrivEMed (ETN): S_rivulatus_Eastern_Mediterranean Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    15. S_rivulatus_Aqaba (ETN): S_rivulatus_Aqaba Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    16. ST08SWE (ETN): sea trout_2018-9_gullmarn Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    17. testVR2AR (ETN): Test VR2AR Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  85. Exeter: University of Exeter
    1. PrePARED (ETN): Predators and prey around renewable energy ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  86. F

  87. FACT: The FACT Network
    1. SEBOO (FACT): SEBOO Array - Southeast Buoys of ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  88. FAU: Florida Atlantic University
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    2. FAUK (FACT): FAUK Array- Blacktip migration Western Atlantic Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. FBLTP (FACT): FBLTP Tags- Sexual segregation of the ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. IRLSTS (FACT): IRLSTS Tags - Indian River Lagoon ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. LWLSNAP (FACT): LWLSNAP Tags- Habitat Utilization by ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. TERP (FACT): TERP Tags- Diamondback Terrapin in Southeastern ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. TERPR (FACT): TERPR Array- Diamondback Terrapin in Southeastern ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  89. FCF: Fisheries Conservation Foundation
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  90. FDEP: Florida Department of Environmental Protection
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    2. HCTSA (FACT): HCTSA Array- Movements of horseshoe crabs Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  91. FEM: France Energies Marines
    1. FISHOWF (ETN): FISHOWF_Array_France Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  92. FFAW: Fish Food and Allied Workers Union
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  93. FISC: Field School
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    2. FSBBAYA (FACT): FSBBAYA - (Array) Shark nursery utilization ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  94. FIU: Florida International University
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    2. FIUARBR (FACT): FIUARBR Array- Movements between an artificial ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. FIUARBT (FACT): FIUARBT Tags- Movement of barracuda and ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. FSCAPE (FACT): FSCAPE- (Tag) Integrating reef-seagrass functional connectivity ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. FSCAPEA (FACT): FSCAPEA - (Array) Integrating reef-seagrass functional ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. PECLGG (FACT): PECLGG Tags- Storms effects on goliath ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. PECLJP (FACT): PECL Array- Storms effects on goliath ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. PECLRF (FACT): PECLRF Tag- Storm effects on reefish Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. SRFCE (FACT): SRFCE Tags - Aquatic Mesopredators in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. SRFCEA (FACT): SRFCAE Array - Mesopredators in the ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    11. V2LCELA (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Coastal Everglades ... Type=Data, Records=5789076, LastModified=2023-06-27
    12. V2LCELASE (OTN): Sportfish movement in Florida Bay Type=Data, Records=20730765, LastModified=2023-06-30
    13. V2LFPI (OTN): OTN Loan - French Polynesia Type=Data, Records=20, LastModified=2023-04-07
    14. V2LSHCOL (OTN): OTN Loan - Small Hammerheads in ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  95. FM: Fundacion Malpelo
    1. MALP (MIGRAMAR): Sanctuary of Malpelo Acoustic Telemetry Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  96. FORCE: Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy
    1. BOOFORCE (OTN): Buoys of Opportunity - FORCE Tidal ... Type=Deployment, Records=36373, LastModified=2023-03-08
    2. V2LRAP (OTN): FORCE Risk Assessment Program Type=Data, Records=52666277, LastModified=2023-06-27
  97. FSU: Florida State University
    1. APBAY (FACT): APBAY Array- Apalachicola Bay Acoustic Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. APFISH (FACT): APFISH Tags- Predator-prey interactions in a ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. FSUGG (FACT): FSUGG Tags- Spawning migration patterns of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  98. FSUCML: FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory
    1. ABCOWN (FACT): ABCOWN Tags - Ontogenetic and seasonal ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. CACRBH (FACT): CACRBH Tags - Temperature-driven movement patterns ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  99. FURG: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande
    1. ELPBR (BRZ): Telemetria acústica no Estuario da Lagoa ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. TAMBR (BRZ): ZPVM na APA Costa dos Corais Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  100. FWC Marathon: FWCC-FWRI Marathon Keys Laboratory
    1. FLKEYS (FACT): FLKEYS Array- Tracking movements of reef ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. FLKEYST (FACT): FLKEYST Tags- Tracking movements of reef ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  101. FWC: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
    1. COBREPRO (FACT): COBREPRO Tags- Cobia reproduction in Florida Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. FWCSAW (FACT): FWCSAW Tags- Movements of smalltooth sawfish Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. JBIM (FACT): JBIM (Tag)- Jensen Beach Impoundment Movement Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. SLFWI (FACT): SLFWI Tags - Spotted Seatrout and ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. V2LGMX (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Integrative Tracking ... Type=Data, Records=32887546, LastModified=2022-10-25
    6. WPAJ (FACT): WPAJ Tags- Movements of Greater Amberjack ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  102. FWRI-FWCC: Fish and Wildlife Research Institute / Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
    1. COBGMA (FACT): COBGOMA Array- Movements of Cobia in ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. FSMOV (FACT): FSMOV - (Tag) Movements of Fat ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. GGINEC (FACT): GGINEC Tags- Habitat use and movement ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. NOAAGS (FACT): NOAAGS - (Tag) Spawning aggregations of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. TBPERM (FACT): TBPERM Tags- Tracking permit migrations Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. TQCS (FACT): TQCS Tags- Movements of common snook ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  103. FWRI: Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
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    2. COBGOM (FACT): COBGOM Tags- Movements of cobia in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. FSUGGA (FACT): FSUGGA Array- Spawning of the Atlantic ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. GGINWC (FACT): GGINWC Tags - Goliath grouper in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. TBHOG (FACT): TBHOG Tags - Hogfish Movements Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. TBHOGA (FACT): TBHOGA Array - Tampa Bay Hogfish ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. TBOFF (FACT): TBOFF Array- Tampa Bay Artificial Reef ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. TEQ (FACT): TEQ Array- FWRI multi-species array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. TQCSPP (FACT): TQCSPP Tags- Apex predators in coastal ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. TQLMB (FACT): TQLMB Tags- Apex predators in coastal ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    11. WPCUB (FACT): WPCUB Tags - Cubera Snapper in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    12. WPKINGM (FACT): WPKINGM Tags- Movements of King Mackerel ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    13. WPTTT (FACT): WPTTT Tags - Movements of Tripletail ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  104. G

  105. GADNR: Georgia Department of Natural Resources
    1. GAARA (FACT): GAARA - (Array) Georgia Artificial Reef ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. GACRA (FACT): GACRA Array- Georgia Offshore Coastal Receiver ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. GADNRMISC (FACT): GADNRMISC Tags- Multi-Species Tagging Project. Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. GADNRRD (FACT): GADNRRD Tags- Georgia red drum tagging Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. GADNRSSS (FACT): GADNRSS - (Array) Red Drum Monitoring ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. GADNRTT (FACT): GADNRTT Tags- Monitoring movement and survival ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. GAOS (FACT): GAOS Array- Monitoring movement and survival ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. GAWAS (FACT): GAWAS Array - Red Drum Monitoring ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  106. GAI: Georgia Aquarium
    1. GAICFS (FACT): GAICFS Array- Movement of Manta Rays Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. MANGA (FACT): MANGA - (Tag) Habitat use of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. SABSTS (FACT): SABSTS - (Tag) Life history of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  107. GdQ: Gouvernement du Quebec
    1. LSB (OTN): St. Lawrence River Striped Bass Type=Data, Records=19322766, LastModified=2023-03-08
    2. QSLR (OTN): St. Lawrence River Fish Monitoring Type=Data, Records=4576818, LastModified=2023-06-27
    3. V2LVFS (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Vieux-Fort Salmon Type=Data, Records=14205, LastModified=2014-10-31
  108. GEOMAR: GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
    1. BOOGMR (OTN): Buoys of Opportunity - GEOMAR Type=Deployment, Records=90, LastModified=2023-06-21
    2. GOOGMR (OTN): Gliders of Opportunity - GEOMAR Type=Deployment, Records=5, LastModified=2020-10-18
  109. GLFC: Great Lakes Fishery Commission
    1. BREND (GLATOS): Boardman River Energy and Nutrient Dynamics Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. FPASS (GLATOS): Determining connectivity between the Boardman River, ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. GBWAE (GLATOS): Green Bay Walleye Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. HECWL (GLATOS): Huron Erie Walleye Spatial Ecology Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. JCISC (GLATOS): Survival and movement of hatchery reared ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. LECCI (GLATOS): Les Cheneaux Island cisco Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. SAGWA (GLATOS): Saginaw Bay Walleye Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. SMRSL (OTN): St. Marys River Sea Lamprey Type=Data, Records=7707023, LastModified=2023-03-08
    9. V2LGLFC (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Lake Erie ... Type=Data, Records=1627107, LastModified=2019-06-03
    10. V2LWLONA (OTN): Western Lake Ontario Nearshore Array Type=Data, Records=1046291, LastModified=2023-06-27
  110. GLTPI: Gun Lake Tribe of Pottawatomi Indians
    1. GLTKZ (GLATOS): Gun Lake Tribe Lake Sturgeon Migration Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  111. GMIT: Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
    1. SMGMIT (OTN): SeaMonitor - GMIT Project Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  112. GMRC: Gespe'gewaq Mi'gmaq Resource Council
    1. GMRCAE (OTN): American Eel within the Restigouche and ... Type=Tracker, Records=58, LastModified=2017-06-22
  113. GRNMS: Grays Reef National Marine Sanctuary
    1. GRNMSAUV (FACT): GRNMSAUV Mobile Array- Connectivity of GRNMS Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  114. GSMFC: Gulf States Marine Fisheries Council
    1. GULFTT (FACT): GULFTT Tags- Tripletail in the Gulf ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  115. GVSU-AWRI: Grand Valley State University-Annis Water Resources Institute
    1. MRSST (GLATOS): Muskegon River System Lake Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  116. GWCT: Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
    1. SAMARCH Tracking network (ETN): SAMARCH Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  117. H

  118. HAI-STFTNG: HAI-Stiftung Shark Foundation
    1. JLS (OTN): Movements and migrations of mature lemon ... Type=Data, Records=4595940, LastModified=2023-03-08
  119. HBOI: Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
    1. HBMOTE (FACT): HBMOTE Tags- Spotted Eagle Ray Movement ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. HBOGDG (FACT): HBOGDG - (Tag) Get Down Goliath! ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. HBOI (FACT): HBOI Array- Movement of Life Initiative ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. HBOIRL (FACT): HBOIRL Tags- Assessing movement patterns in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. HBOSER (FACT): HBOSER Tags- East Coast Spotted Eagle ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. HBSERC (FACT): HBSERC Tags- Movement of Life Initiative ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. JBLB (OTN): Juno Beach Leatherback Tagging Type=Tracker, Records=32, LastModified=2023-06-21
  120. HEA: Waterschap Hunze en Aa's
    1. Eel source to sea (ETN): Eel migration from source to sea Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  121. HIFI: Hull International Fisheries Institute
    1. 2014_Nene (ETN): 2014_Nene Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. LamYorOus18-20 (ETN): River_Lamprey_Yorkshire Ouse_2018-20 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. UtN (ETN): Unlocking the Severn Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. V2LWATCH (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - The Wash ... Type=Deployment, Records=29, LastModified=2016-08-19
  122. HIMB: Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
    1. PFRL (PIRAT): Pelagic Fish Research Lab - Hawaii ... Type=Data, Records=247843, LastModified=2023-06-21
  123. HMS: Hopkins Marine Station
    1. GLLY (NEP): Gilly Tags Type=Tracker, Records=48, LastModified=2012-06-08
  124. I

  125. IAMC: CNR - Institute for coastal marine environment
    1. ARAISOLA02 (ETN): ARAISOLA02 Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. ARAISOLA03 (ETN): ARAISOLA03 Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. SARTELARAM (ETN): SARTELARAM Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. SARTELTG (ETN): SARTELTG Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. SARTELZINGARO (ETN): SARTELZINGARO Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  126. IAS: Institute of Aquatic Sciences
    1. Teme barbel 1 (ETN): 2015_PhD_Gutmann_Roberts Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  127. IEO-Vigo: Centro Oceanográfico de Vigo
    1. Artevigo (ETN): Artevigo Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  128. IGB Leibniz: Leibnitz Institute for Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries
    1. Boddenhecht (ETN): Boddenhecht Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  129. ILVO: Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoe
    1. JJ_Belwind (ETN): Belwind temporary acoustic receiver network 2020 ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  130. IMEDEA: Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies
    1. BTN-DeepWater-IMEDEA (ETN): Balearic Tracking Network - Spanish Deep ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. BTN-IMEDEA (ETN): Balearic Tracking Network Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. FarmTrack (ETN): FarmTrack_Spain22 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. JSATS-PalmaBay-2019 (ETN): JSATS-PalmaBay-2019 Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. paintedcomber (ETN): paintedcomber Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. Scytrack (ETN): Scytrack Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  131. IMR: Institute of Marine Research
    1. SkagNor (ETN): Skagerrak_temeletry_array_Norway Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. SPAWNSEIS (ETN): SPAWNSEIS Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  132. INBO: Instituut voor Natuur - en Bosonderzoek
    1. 2011 Rivierprik (ETN): 2011 Rivierprik Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. 2013 Albertkanaal (ETN): 2013 Albertkanaal Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. 2014 Demer (ETN): 2014 Demer Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. 2015_Albertkanaal_VPS_Ham (ETN): 2015_Albertkanaal_VPS_Ham Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. 2015 Dijle (ETN): 2015 Dijle Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. 2016_Albertkanaal_VPS_Ham (ETN): 2016_Albertkanaal_VPS_Ham Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. 2017_Albertkanaal_VPS_Ham (ETN): 2017_Albertkanaal_VPS_Ham Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. 2019_Lake_Anundsjo (ETN): Lake_Anundsjo_VPS Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. 2021_YEELAZ (ETN): Yellow eel movement behaviour in the ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. Albertkanaal (ETN): Albertkanaal Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    11. Albertkanaal_VPS_Ham (ETN): Albertkanaal_VPS_Ham Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    12. Albertkanaal_VPS_Hasselt (ETN): Fine scale tracking of silver eel ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    13. Bovenschelde (ETN): Bovenschelde Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    14. Demer (ETN): Demer Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    15. Dijle (ETN): Dijle Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    16. Iller_VPS (ETN): Iller_VPS Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    17. Maas (ETN): 2013_Maas Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  133. Innovasea: Innovasea
    1. VTB (OTN): Vemco Receiver Test Bed Type=Deployment, Records=221, LastModified=2021-11-15
  134. INRS: Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique
    1. ISMRS (OTN): INRS Sainte-Marguerite River salmon Type=Tracker, Records=24, LastModified=2014-12-16
  135. INSPIRE: INSPIRE Environmental
    1. HMSWEA (ACT): INSPIRE/NEAQ - Offshore Wind Telemetry Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  136. IRD: Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
    1. CONNECT-MED (ETN): Connectivity of coastal fish in the ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. IOA (OTN): OTN Indian Ocean Array Type=Data, Records=80543, LastModified=2019-08-22
  137. IRG: Inwater Research Group
    1. JTUR (OTN): Jupiter Inlet Green Turtle Telemetry Study Type=Data, Records=101516, LastModified=2023-06-27
    2. V2LBRTUR (OTN): Boca Raton Green Turtle Fishing Net ... Type=Data, Records=4277696, LastModified=2023-06-30
    3. V2LHITUR (OTN): Hutchinson Island Power Plant Green Turtle ... Type=Data, Records=23435, LastModified=2023-03-08
  138. IRScNB/KBIN: Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
    1. 2010_PHD_REUBENS (ETN): 2010_phd_reubens Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  139. iSea: iSea
    1. V2LCYLIM (OTN): iSea - Guitarfish Project Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  140. J

  141. JGSA: John G. Shedd Aquarium
    1. CRATA (GLATOS): Chicago River Acoustic Telemetry Array Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  142. JU: Jacksonville University
    1. CCOCE (FACT): CCOCE Tags- Movements and migration of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. JUKSC (FACT): JUKSC Tags- An examination of sharks ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. JUNEFL (FACT): JUNEFL Array- Migration of sharks in ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. V2LGA (OTN): VR2W Loan - Coastal Georgia Type=Data, Records=40239, LastModified=2022-10-25
  143. K

  144. KRS: Kintama Research Services
    1. BRKS (NEP): Brooks Peninsula Type=Deployment, Records=53839, LastModified=2019-12-20
    2. BURR (NEP): Burrard Inlet (Vancouver) Type=Deployment, Records=6103, LastModified=2012-09-14
    3. CAPL (NEP): Capilano Lake Type=Deployment, Records=166263, LastModified=2012-09-14
    4. CASC (NEP): Cascade Head, OR Type=Deployment, Records=42434, LastModified=2022-10-24
    5. CCS (NEP): Residence Time and Survival of Fraser ... Type=Data, Records=200, LastModified=2016-07-25
    6. CCSALMON (NEP): Mortality, Movements, and Migration Timing of ... Type=Data, Records=420757, LastModified=2019-12-20
    7. CHIT (NEP): Chittenden Tags Type=Tracker, Records=120, LastModified=2012-07-13
    8. COLR (NEP): Columbia River Type=Deployment, Records=2672909, LastModified=2022-10-24
    9. COQT (NEP): Coquitlam Lake Type=Deployment, Records=393594, LastModified=2019-12-20
    10. COWCTT (NEP): Cowichan Lake Cutthroat Trout Type=Data, Records=2620555, LastModified=2023-03-08
    11. COWR (NEP): Cowichan River (Vancouver Island) Type=Deployment, Records=1133, LastModified=2012-09-14
    12. CPELIZ (NEP): Cape Elizabeth line Type=Deployment, Records=23276, LastModified=2019-12-20
    13. CULT (NEP): Cultus Lake Type=Deployment, Records=70, LastModified=2012-09-14
    14. ENGR (NEP): Englishman River (Vancouver Island) Type=Deployment, Records=13089, LastModified=2012-09-14
    15. FRASER (NEP): Fraser River (BC) Type=Deployment, Records=1310412, LastModified=2023-06-21
    16. GRAVES (NEP): Graves Harbor Icy Strait Type=Deployment, Records=1435, LastModified=2019-12-20
    17. HOWE (NEP): Howe Sound (Vancouver) Type=Deployment, Records=54734, LastModified=2012-11-30
    18. INDARM (NEP): Indian Arm (Vancouver) Type=Deployment, Records=325, LastModified=2014-03-13
    19. KEOG (NEP): Keogh River Type=Deployment, Records=375203, LastModified=2019-12-20
    20. KNTM (NEP): Kintama 2004-2011 tags Type=Tracker, Records=20722, LastModified=2012-08-14
    21. KRS (NEP): Kintama Research Services: Seymour River steelhead ... Type=Tracker, Records=150, LastModified=2016-01-28
    22. KRSPSF (NEP): Kintama Research Services Loan to Pacific ... Type=Deployment, Records=2268, LastModified=2021-04-06
    23. LIPPY (NEP): Lippy Point (W Vancouver Island) Type=Deployment, Records=336235, LastModified=2023-06-21
    24. NIMR (NEP): Nimpkish River (Vancouver Island) Type=Deployment, Records=226686, LastModified=2012-11-30
    25. OSS (NEP): Exposure of Free-Ranging Salmon Smolts to ... Type=Deployment, Records=16281, LastModified=2019-04-10
    26. POSS (NEP): Possession Sound Type=Deployment, Records=3558, LastModified=2022-10-24
    27. SALMR (NEP): Salmon River (Vancouver Island) Type=Deployment, Records=2605, LastModified=2021-04-07
    28. SEYMR (NEP): Seymour River (Vancouver) Type=Deployment, Records=13541, LastModified=2014-03-12
    29. SKEENA (NEP): Skeena River, AK Type=Deployment, Records=157083, LastModified=2014-03-13
    30. SSOG (NEP): Southern Strait of Georgia Type=Deployment, Records=139479, LastModified=2019-12-20
    31. WILL (NEP): Willapa Bay, OR Type=Deployment, Records=159041, LastModified=2023-06-21
  145. KSC-IMSS: Kennedy Space Center Ecological Program & Integrated Mission Support Services
    1. KSCGLID (FACT): KSCGLID - (Glider Project) Use of ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  146. KSC: Kennedy Space Center
    1. KSCETM (FACT): KSCETM Tags- Life history of aquatic ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  147. KZNSB-OTN: KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board and Ocean Tracking Network
    1. V2LKZNSB (SAF): The occurrence and movement patterns of ... Type=Data, Records=3454, LastModified=2022-03-26
  148. KZNSB: KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board
    1. KZNSB (SAF): KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=44, LastModified=2014-08-28
  149. L

  150. LA: Loughs Agency
    1. SeaMonitor (ETN): SeaMonitor Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. SMLA (OTN): SeaMonitor - Defining the migration route ... Type=Data, Records=3852759, LastModified=2022-08-31
  151. LEI: Universiteit Leiden
    1. APELAFICO (ETN): Acoustic Ecology of Pelagic Fish Communities Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  152. LFA MV: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Research Centre for Agriculture and Fisheries
    1. 2011_Warnow (ETN): 2011_Warnow Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  153. LGL: LGL Limited
    1. ROBID (NEP): Robichaud sturgeon Type=Data, Records=684657, LastModified=2022-10-24
    2. V2LBFC (OTN): Big Fish Caribbean Type=Data, Records=19, LastModified=2022-09-16
  154. LNU-Dep Biol & Env Sci: Linnaeus University - Department of Biology and Environmental Science
    1. KBTN (ETN): Kalmar Baltic Tracking Network Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  155. LRBOI: Little River Band of Ottawa Indians
    1. LRLAS (GLATOS): Little River Band Manistee Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  156. LSS: Luna Sea Solutions
    1. BOOLUNA (OTN): Buoys of Opportunity: LunaSea Solutions Wavebuoys Type=Deployment, Records=238665, LastModified=2023-06-27
  157. LT: LimnoTech
    1. LEOSW (GLATOS): Icebreaker Wind Fish Behavior Study Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  158. M

  159. Maine-DMR: Maine Department of Marine Resources
    1. GOMHMS (ACT): MEDMR Highly Migratory Species Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. MEDMRPAM (ACT): MEDMR-PACM Project Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. MEHAL (OTN): Maine Department of Marine Resources Atlantic ... Type=Data, Records=60184, LastModified=2023-03-08
    4. NGOMWS (ACT): MEDMR White Shark Monitoring Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  160. MARBIOL: Ghent University - Marine Biology Research Group
    1. 2010_phd_Reubens_sync (ETN): 2010_phd_reubens_sync Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. 2012 Leopoldkanaal (ETN): 2012 Leopoldkanaal Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. Leopoldkanaal (ETN): Leopoldkanaal Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. PC4C (ETN): PC4C Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. Reelease (ETN): Reelease Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. Saeftinghe (ETN): Saeftinghe Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. Thorntonbank (ETN): Thorntonbank Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. Westerschelde 3 (ETN): Westerschelde 3 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. Zeeschelde (ETN): Zeeschelde Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  161. MARE: Universidade de Lisboa - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre
    1. PTN/MEROSW2021/duskygrouper (ETN): Temporary acoustic network in the Sines ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. PTN/PROTECT2012 (ETN): PTN/PROTECT2012 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. PTN/PROTECT2013 (ETN): PTN/PROTECT2013 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. PTN-Silver eel-Mondego (ETN): PTN-Silver eel-Mondego Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  162. Maritime Aquarium: The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk
    1. TMALIS (ACT): The Maritime Aquarium Long Island Sound ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  163. Maryland DNR: Maryland Department of Natural Resources
    1. MDDNR1NR (ACT): Maryland Department of Natural Resources Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  164. MASS-DMF: Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
    1. CHARLS (OTN): Acoustic telemetry in American Shad Type=Data, Records=216, LastModified=2016-11-21
    2. DMFALOSA (ACT): MADMF Alosine Telemetry Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. DMFAN (ACT): MADMF Striped Bass Acoustic Arrays North Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. DMFBOSWF (ACT): MADMF GOM Winter Flounder Studies Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. DMFCS (ACT): MADMF Striped Bass Migration Ecology Study Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. MMFSTS (OTN): MMF Sand Tiger Sharks Type=Tracker, Records=130, LastModified=2014-02-25
    7. MSRPWS (ACT): Massachusetts White Shark Research Program Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  165. Matos: Mid-Atlantic Acoustic Telemetry Observation System
    1. CTRBBH (ACT): USGS Conte and USFWS Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. MABASKMOLA (ACT): BOEM Livin' Large and Low Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. MDRSHARK (ACT): COA Shark Study Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  166. MBA: Marine Biological Association of the UK
    1. MASSMO (ETN): MBA_Massmo Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. Wave Hub (ETN): MBA_Wavehub Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. WaveHubTrial (ETN): MBA_Whitsand Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  167. MCG: Mi'kmaw Conservation Group
    1. DPT (OTN): Darren Porter Tomcod in the Halfway ... Type=Deployment, Records=51090, LastModified=2021-07-20
    2. MCGTOMCOD (OTN): Shubenacadie River Monitoring Project: Tomcod Type=Data, Records=6767, LastModified=2021-11-01
  168. ME DMR-BSRFH: Maine, Department of Marine Resources, Bureau of Sea Run Fisheries and Habitat
    1. MCS (OTN): Maine DMR: Coastal rivers Adult Salmon ... Type=Tracker, Records=60, LastModified=2013-07-30
  169. MI-IE: Marine Institute - Ireland
    1. VMLSMMI (OTN): VMT Loan - SeaMonitor Marine Institute Type=Data, Records=614332, LastModified=2023-06-27
  170. MIDNR: Michigan Department of Natural Resources
    1. GHBLT (GLATOS): Good Harbor Bay Lake Trout Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. LSCGD (GLATOS): Lake St. Clair Grid Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. LSCSM (GLATOS): Lake St. Clair Smallmouth Bass Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. LSCYP (GLATOS): Lake St. Clair Yellow Perch Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. MOONE (GLATOS): Exploratory tagging of Mooneye in the ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. MUSKY (GLATOS): Spatial Ecology of SCDRS Muskellunge Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  171. MigraMar: MigraMar
    1. MIGHIS (MIGRAMAR): Migramar historical tag data Type=Tracker, Records=62, LastModified=2019-11-19
    2. V2LCPSR (MIGRAMAR): Coastal Pacific South America Sharks and ... Type=Data, Records=126, LastModified=2023-01-12
  172. MINECO-IEO: Instituto Español de Oceanografía
    1. GIBRALTRACK pilot (ETN): Pilot permanent deployment acoustic array Gibraltar ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  173. MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    1. MITSG (ACT): MIT River Herring Tracking Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  174. MMF: Marine Megafauna Foundation
    1. LUKM (SAF): Tracking sharks in southern Mozambique Type=Tracker, Records=8, LastModified=2022-03-15
    2. MMF (FACT): MMF Array - Movements of manta ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. MMFGF (FACT): MMFGF - (Tag) Fine-scale movements of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. MMFT (FACT): MMFT Tags- Movements of giant manta ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. MRMR (SAF): Mozambique reef manta ray Type=Tracker, Records=46, LastModified=2023-02-10
    6. V2LMMFIN (OTN): OTN Loan: MMF - Inhambane Type=Data, Records=37, LastModified=2023-06-21
  175. MNDNR: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
    1. INLMN (GLATOS): Elk Lake walleye Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. SLRMU (GLATOS): Western Lake Superior Muskellunge Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. SLRST (GLATOS): Western Lake Superior Lake Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  176. MNHN: National Natural History Museum Paris
    1. 2011_Loire (ETN): 2011_Loire Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. 2017_Fremur (ETN): 2017_Fremur Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. ESGL (ETN): ESGL Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  177. Monmouth: Monmouth University
    1. MUFISH (ACT): Monmouth University Coastal Fisheries Study Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. SBUSTURG (ACT): SBU Sturgeon study 2010-2014 Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  178. MOTE: Mote Marine Laboratory
    1. GGSPAG (FACT): GGSPAG - (Tag) Acoustic tagging of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. GGSPAGA (FACT): GGSPAGA - (Array) Acoustic tagging of ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. MONGOM (FACT): MONGOM - (Tag) Movement patterns of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. MOTSER (FACT): MOTSER Tags- Movement patterns of spotted ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. PERC (FACT): PERC Tags- Highly Migratory Species in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. SCAN (FACT): SCAN Array- Multi-species movements along west ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  179. MSA: Margaree Salmon Association
    1. MSA (OTN): Margaree Salmon Association Type=Data, Records=24, LastModified=2012-02-09
  180. MSS: Marine Scotland Science
    1. V2LIMFSTP (OTN): OTN VR2AR Loan - Marine Scotland ... Type=Data, Records=45051413, LastModified=2023-06-30
    2. V2LPREP (OTN): Predator and Prey Around Renewable Energy ... Type=Data, Records=5000291, LastModified=2023-06-30
  181. MSU: Michigan State University
    1. CLOSL (GLATOS): Sea Lamprey River Plume Navigation Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. DRMLT (GLATOS): Drummond Island Lake Trout Spawning Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. GBLWF (GLATOS): Green Bay Lake Whitefish Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. HBSLM (GLATOS): Coastal Sea Lamprey Migration in Hammond ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. ISRLT (GLATOS): Isle Royale siscowet lake trout Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. LEBUT (GLATOS): Movement of Lake Erie Burbot Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. LEGRC (GLATOS): Lake Erie Grass Carp Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. LEWAE (GLATOS): Migration and Spatial Ecology of Western ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. LEWHF (GLATOS): Lake Erie Lake Whitefish Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. LEYEP (GLATOS): Lake Erie Yellow Perch Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    11. MRJLS (GLATOS): Mamuee River Lake Sturgeon Reintroduction Program Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    12. NRLAT (GLATOS): Northern Refuge Lake Trout Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    13. OWHBA (GLATOS): Open Water Sea Lamprey Orientation Study Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    14. SRJLS (GLATOS): Saginaw River Juvenile Lake Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    15. SRWAE (GLATOS): Sandusky River Walleye Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    16. TBLTR (GLATOS): Thunder Bay Artificial Reef Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    17. THBLT (GLATOS): Thunder Bay Lake Trout Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  182. MUN: Memorial University of Newfoundland
    1. ARLNAIN (OTN): Acoustic Release Loan - Rock Cod ... Type=Data, Records=232970, LastModified=2021-04-15
    2. GOOMUN (OTN): Gliders of Opportunity - Memorial University Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. IFC (OTN): Ian Fleming Cod Tagging Type=Tracker, Records=160, LastModified=2012-09-24
    4. IFS1 (OTN): OTN Canada Atlantic Salmon Smolt DST ... Type=Tracker, Records=430, LastModified=2013-07-30
    5. IFS2 (OTN): OTN Canada Atlantic Salmon Kelt DST ... Type=Tracker, Records=189, LastModified=2013-07-30
    6. IFS3 (OTN): Salmonids in the north Type=Data, Records=4843880, LastModified=2023-06-27
  183. N

  184. NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    1. KSC (FACT): KSC Array- Sportfish, Sharks, and Sea ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. USNKSC (FACT): USNKSC Tags- Effects of Dredging on ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  185. NC-DMF: North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries
    1. NCCB (FACT): NCCB Tags- NCDMF Multi-species tagging program- ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. NCDMFA1 (ACT): NCDMF Albemarle Sound Arrays Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. NCDMFA2 (ACT): NCDMF Tar-Pam Neuse Arrays Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. NCDMFA3 (ACT): NCDMF Cape Fear River Arrays Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. NCDMFS1 (ACT): NCDMF Sturgeon Tagging Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. NCDMFS2 (ACT): NCDMF Anadromous Fisheries Tagging Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. NCDMFS3 (ACT): NCDMF Multi-Species Tagging Program Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. NCDMFS4 (ACT): NCDMF American Shad Tagging Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  186. NCBO/ERT: NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office
    1. CBBBS (ACT): NCBO-VMRC Chesapeake Backbone South Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  187. NCF: New College of Florida
    1. BTSNP (FACT): BTSNP Tags and Array- Natal philopatry ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  188. NCSU: North Carolina State University
    1. CMAST (FACT): CMAST Array- Estimating survival and stock ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. CRFLII (FACT): CRFLII Array- Persistence and Habitat Use ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. NCCOBIA (FACT): NCCOBIA Tags- Stock structure of cobia Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. NCGAJ (FACT): NCGAJ - (Tag) Fine-scale movements and ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  189. NEAQ, UMB-Environment: New England Aquarium and UMass Boston School for the Environment
    1. NEAQACK (ACT): ACK Array Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  190. NEAQ: New England Aquarium
    1. NEAQLT (ACT): Little tunny acoustic monitoring Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  191. NEFSC: Northeast Fisheries Science Center
    1. NEFSCGOM (ACT): NEFSC_GOM Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. NEFSCSBNMS (ACT): NEFSC_SBNMS_FourSanctuaries Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  192. NFSI: National Facility for Seismic Imaging
    1. BOODEEP (OTN): Buoy of Opportunity: Deepwater VMT Type=Deployment, Records=282638, LastModified=2023-01-09
  193. NIOZ: Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
    1. SWIMWAY_2021 (ETN): SWIMWAY_2021 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  194. NIT: Nisqually Indian Tribe
    1. HODG (NEP): Hodgson Tags Type=Tracker, Records=266, LastModified=2012-07-17
  195. NMBU: Norwegian University of Life Sciences
    1. V2LCREA (OTN): Developing Knowledge on the Status of ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  196. NMMU: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
    1. TZWS (SAF): Thresher, zambezi, and white shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=49, LastModified=2016-12-06
  197. NOAA NOS: NOAA National Ocean Service
    1. GRNMSTAG (FACT): GRNMS Tags- Connectivity of Grays Reef ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  198. NOAA PIFSC: NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
    1. HCTP (PIRAT): Hawaii Community Tagging Project FADs Type=Deployment, Records=230118, LastModified=2023-06-27
    2. HCTPTX (PIRAT): Hawaii Community Tagging Project FADs Type=Tracker, Records=182, LastModified=2023-06-01
    1. NOSAWR (FACT): NOSAWR Array- Habitat use of smalltooth ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  200. NOAA-NCBO: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Chesapeake Bay Office
    1. CBBBN (ACT): NCBO-MD DNR Chesapeake Backbone North Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. CBIBS (ACT): NCBO CBIBS Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. CHOPTANK (ACT): NCBO Choptank array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. HYPOXIA (ACT): NCBO Hypoxia Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  201. NOAA-NCCOS: NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
    1. EEMPTAG (FACT): EEMPTAG - (Tag) Fish movements between ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. FFC (FACT): FFC - (Tag) Study of Fish ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. FFCA (FACT): FFCA - (Array) Study of Fish ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. GRNMS (FACT): GRNMS Array- Connectivity of Gray's Reef ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. NOAAEEMP (FACT): NOAAEEMP - (Array) Fish movements between ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. NOAANERR (FACT): NOAANERR Tags- Fish telemetry at Rookery ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. NOAASARI (FACT): NOAASARI Tags- MPA Boundary Efficacy and ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. NOAASARIR (FACT): NOAASARIR Array- MPA Boundary Efficacy and ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. ROOKNERR (FACT): ROOKNERR Array- Fish Telemetry at Rookery ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  202. NOAA-NMFS-Beaufort: NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service, Beaufort, NC
    1. CORES (ACT): Core Sound NC sea turtle survey Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. NYSHARKS (ACT): New York Juvenile White Shark Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  203. NOAA-NMFS-NEFSC: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service, Northeast Fisheries Science Center U Maine: University of Maine
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    7. PVN (OTN): Harbor Seal Distribution in US waters Type=Tracker, Records=8, LastModified=2021-11-10
  204. NOAA-NMFS: National Marine Fisheries Service
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    2. NMFSOT20 (PATH): Chinook inform trawl efficiency estimate Type=Data, Records=26, LastModified=2022-08-19
    3. YORKAOX (ACT): NMFS, USN, Ches Sci Atlantic sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  205. NOAA-NMFS: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service
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  206. NOAA-NWFSC: Northwest Fisheries Science Center NOAA
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    2. ANDRW (NEP): Andrews Tags Type=Tracker, Records=391, LastModified=2013-09-09
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    4. FRSH (NEP): Fresh Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
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    6. LEE (NEP): Lee Tags Type=Tracker, Records=96, LastModified=2012-07-17
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    10. PSL (NEP): US West Coast Sea Lions Type=Data, Records=718, LastModified=2022-10-24
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  207. NOAA-PMEL: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
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    2. BOORAMA (OTN): Buoys of Opportunity - RAMA Type=Deployment, Records=166, LastModified=2023-05-02
  208. NOAA-SWFSC: Southwest Fisheries Science Center NOAA
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    2. LIND (NEP): Lindley Tags Type=Tracker, Records=216, LastModified=2012-07-17
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    4. REYES (NEP): Point Reyes Type=Deployment, Records=33639, LastModified=2023-06-21
  209. NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
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    2. MALLOWS (ACT): Mallows Bay National Marine Sanctuary Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
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    6. NEFSCSB (ACT): NEFSC_SBNMS_SanctSound Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. NOAACONCH (FACT): NOAACONCH Tags - Movement of Queen ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. NOAAMAN (FACT): NOAAMAN Tags- NOAA Manta Ray Conservation ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. NOSAW (FACT): NOSAW Tags- Movements and habitat ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. POPNCCOS (ACT): NCCOS Poplar Island Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    11. SUBUL (FACT): SUBUL Tags- Movements of bull sharks ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  210. NOC: National Oceanography Center
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  211. NORCE: Norwegian Research Centre
    1. BTN (OTN): The Bergen Telemetry Network Type=Data, Records=272914, LastModified=2021-07-28
    2. SUPERSAT (OTN): Southern Norway brown trout Type=Data, Records=188, LastModified=2021-07-27
  212. NPS: National Park Service
    1. USCAN (FACT): USCAN Array- U.S. Caribbean Acoustic Network Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  213. NRC: Nature Research Centre
    1. SEMP (ETN): Semp Lithuania Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  214. NRS: Natural Resource Scientists, Inc.
    1. VOGL (NEP): Vogel Tags Type=Tracker, Records=188, LastModified=2012-07-17
  215. NRW: Natural Resources Wales
    1. Usk:2021-2024 (ETN): River Usk receiver network 2021-2024 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  216. NS Fisheries: Nova Scotia, Fisheries and Aquaculture
    1. ABC (OTN): West River, Sheet Harbour, Brook Trout Type=Tracker, Records=84, LastModified=2012-09-27
    2. ANT (OTN): Sea-Run Brook Trout, Antigonish Harbour, NS ... Type=Data, Records=362470, LastModified=2014-10-09
  217. NSCC: Nova Scotia Community College
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  218. NSSA: Nova Scotia Salmon Association
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  219. NTNU: Norwegian University of Science and Technology
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    2. V2LBEIAR (OTN): OTN Loan - Beiarfjorden Type=Data, Records=6356015, LastModified=2023-06-27
    3. V2LCHASES (OTN): Consequences of land-use change and human ... Type=Data, Records=3274272, LastModified=2022-04-04
    4. V2LGAC (OTN): Greenland Arctic Char Type=Data, Records=9631330, LastModified=2023-06-27
    5. V2LGAC2 (OTN): Greenland Arctic Charr Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
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    7. V2LTROD (OTN): OTN Loan - Salmonids in Trondheimsfjorden Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  220. NUWC: Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport
    1. NAVYKENN (ACT): Navy Kennebec ME Telemetry Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  221. NYDEC: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
    1. BHMUS (GLATOS): Buffalo Harbor Muskellunge Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. ELEDD (GLATOS): Eastern Lake Erie Data Deficient Fishes Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. ELEWE (GLATOS): Eastern Lake Erie Walleye Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. ELOLS (GLATOS): Eastern Lake Ontario Lake Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. LELTM (GLATOS): Lake Erie Lake Trout Movement Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. SKWAE (GLATOS): 2021 Skaneateles Walleye Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  222. NZDoC: New Zealand Department of Conservation
    1. ABAP (SAF): Algoa Bay African Penguin tracking Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  223. O

  224. O-LTD: Oceans Ltd.
    1. V2LOLTD (OTN): Fish Tag Receiver Study Type=Deployment, Records=5, LastModified=2021-07-22
    1. OCRSA (SAF): OCEARCH shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=80, LastModified=2013-06-19
    2. ORS (SAF): OCEARCH raggedtooth shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  226. OCF: O'Seas Conservation Foundation
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  227. ODFW: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
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    2. HERG (NEP): Hering Tags Type=Tracker, Records=214, LastModified=2012-07-17
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  228. OHDNR: Ohio Department of Natural Resources
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    2. LESMB (GLATOS): Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Spatial Ecology Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. SBSMB (GLATOS): Sandusky Bay Smallmouth Tournament Dispersal Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. WAEMF (GLATOS): Lake Erie Walleye Mixed Fisheries Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. WBWAE (GLATOS): Mixed Stock Walleye in Western Lake ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  229. OMNRF-LOMU: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry-Lake Ontario Management Unit
    1. BQCIS (GLATOS): Bay of Quinte Cisco Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. BQEEL (GLATOS): Bay of Quinte Rare Fishes Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. BQMUS (GLATOS): Bay of Quinte Muskellunge Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  230. OMNRF-UGLMU: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry-Upper Great Lakes Management Unit
    1. LHCAN (GLATOS): Acoustic Receivers in Canadian Waters of ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. LHLWF (GLATOS): Lake-wide movements of Lake Whitefish in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. LSNSA (GLATOS): Lake Superior North Shore Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. NSCAT (GLATOS): North Shore Cisco Acoustic Telemetry Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. TBWAT (GLATOS): Thunder Bay Walleye Acoustic Telemetry Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  231. OMNRF: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
    1. BBWAT (GLATOS): Black Bay Walleye Acoustic Telemetry Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. BQEEL (OTN): Bay of Quinte Eel Tracking Type=Tracker, Records=402, LastModified=2018-01-10
    3. BQWAL (GLATOS): Bay of Quinte Walleye Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. EGRWE (GLATOS): Lake Erie Grand River Walleye Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. GBYWL (GLATOS): Bruce Peninsula to Manitoulin Island Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. LODCR (GLATOS): Lake Ontario deepwater cisco range test Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. LODWC (GLATOS): Lake Ontario Deepwater Cisco Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. LOIBM (GLATOS): Lake Ontario Interbasin Movement Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. SCTAP (GLATOS): Smoke-Canoe-Tea Algonquin Park Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. SIMTA (GLATOS): Lake Simcoe Telemetry Array Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    11. SMRWA (GLATOS): St Marys River Walleye Seasonal Migration ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    12. TRWAL (GLATOS): Thames River Walleye Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  232. OMWP: The Omuras Whale Project
    1. V2LWMMC (SAF): The Western Madagascar (Mozambique Channel) Array Type=Data, Records=77, LastModified=2023-01-06
  233. OR: Oceans Research
    1. ORE (SAF): Oceans Research elasmobranch tracking Type=Tracker, Records=239, LastModified=2023-02-10
    2. SHAM (SAF): Smooth hammerhead shark tracking in Mossel ... Type=Tracker, Records=22, LastModified=2023-02-10
  234. ORI: Oceanographic Research Institute
    1. IWP (SAF): IWP fish tracking Type=Tracker, Records=128, LastModified=2017-10-19
    2. MOZS (SAF): Mozambique shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=116, LastModified=2022-03-18
    3. ORI (SAF): ORI Tags Type=Tracker, Records=40, LastModified=2021-07-27
    4. ORIS (SAF): Oceanographic Research Institute sharks Type=Tracker, Records=174, LastModified=2023-02-10
  235. ORP: Ocean Research Project
    1. FISHFINDER (ACT): Fish Finder Program Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  236. ORS: St. Lawrence Shark Observatory
    1. ORSWS (OTN): ORS: Brion Island White shark Type=Tracker, Records=43, LastModified=2022-10-25
  237. OSU: Oregon State University
    1. ALFA (NEP): Oregon State University - Hatfield Marine ... Type=Data, Records=66, LastModified=2016-03-16
    2. ALSEA (NEP): ALSEA Type=Deployment, Records=86008, LastModified=2022-10-24
    3. NOAK (NEP): Noakes Tags Type=Tracker, Records=328, LastModified=2012-06-08
  238. OTN: Ocean Tracking Network
    1. BDK (OTN): Overwinter biology, migrations, and carryover effects ... Type=Tracker, Records=222, LastModified=2016-12-20
    2. BOODUNC (OTN): Buoys of Opportunity - Bay Tender ... Type=Deployment, Records=10896, LastModified=2023-03-08
    3. BOOJAY (OTN): Buoys of Opportunity - DFO NW ... Type=Deployment, Records=2994, LastModified=2021-08-05
    4. BOOMA (OTN): BOO Scituate Type=Deployment, Records=12331, LastModified=2022-10-25
    5. BOOSPM (OTN): Opportunistic receiver deployments in Saint Pierre ... Type=Deployment, Records=6, LastModified=2023-01-13
    6. DPW (OTN): Darren Porter Bay of Fundy Weir ... Type=Data, Records=227019, LastModified=2021-11-15
    7. FWS (NEP): OTN Canada Fraser River White Sturgeon ... Type=Data, Records=1632226, LastModified=2023-02-10
    8. JDF (NEP): OTN Strait of Juan de Fuca ... Type=Deployment, Records=1143650, LastModified=2023-05-25
    9. KERG (OTN): Kerguelen Brown Trout Tracking Type=Data, Records=2240816, LastModified=2023-05-02
    10. MFAL (OTN): Movement patterns of American lobsters in ... Type=Data, Records=100, LastModified=2018-01-19
    11. NCAT (OTN): Northern Cod Acoustic Telemetry Type=Data, Records=40175, LastModified=2023-06-27
    12. NSOG (NEP): OTN Northern Strait of Georgia Line Type=Deployment, Records=1093992, LastModified=2023-05-25
    13. NSTR (OTN): NSTR - Atlantic Torpedo Ray Tracking Type=Data, Records=13133, LastModified=2022-06-20
    14. NSWS (OTN): Nova Scotia White Shark Monitoring Type=Deployment, Records=953790, LastModified=2023-05-03
    15. QCS (NEP): OTN Queen Charlotte Strait Line Type=Deployment, Records=255700, LastModified=2023-06-21
    16. SNMCG (OTN): MCG SOFAR Buoy Type=Deployment, Records=3, LastModified=2022-05-31
    17. SPONGE (OTN): OTN Sponge Ground Landers Type=Deployment, Records=135, LastModified=2023-03-08
    18. V2LCV (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Cabo Verde: ... Type=Data, Records=32766, LastModified=2023-06-15
  239. P

  240. PaCA: Parks Canada
    1. PUKLS (GLATOS): Pukaskwa National Park Lake Sturgeon Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  241. PC-FNP: Parks Canada, Fundy National Park
    1. FPS (OTN): Inner Bay of Fundy Salmon Tracking Type=Tracker, Records=88, LastModified=2012-03-26
  242. PFBC: Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
    1. EBWSC (GLATOS): East Basin Walleye Spawning Contribution Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  243. PICRC: Palau International Coral Reef Center
    1. PECO (PIRAT): Palau FAD and EcoBuoy Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. PLAUTNA (PIRAT): Palau FADs and Tuna Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  244. PK: Pelagios Kakunjá
    1. CPNP (MIGRAMAR): Movement patterns of sharks and rays ... Type=Data, Records=4173449, LastModified=2022-11-17
    2. GUAMR (MIGRAMAR): Movement patterns of White Sharks in ... Type=Data, Records=2759132, LastModified=2023-06-16
    3. MCMR (MIGRAMAR): Movement patterns of sharks in the ... Type=Data, Records=548, LastModified=2020-08-04
    4. MPMR (MIGRAMAR): Movement patterns of sharks and rays ... Type=Data, Records=6386, LastModified=2022-10-26
    5. RANP (MIGRAMAR): Movement patterns of sharks and rays ... Type=Data, Records=2681440, LastModified=2023-06-21
  245. Plant Ecol Divers: Plant Science and Biodivestity Center
    1. 2016_MDS (ETN): Middle_Danube_sturgeons Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  246. PPPTC: Passamaquoddy Pleasant Point Tribal Council
    1. V2LPMQ (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Alewife Migration ... Type=Data, Records=11923, LastModified=2023-03-08
  247. Profish Technology: Profish Technology
    1. Walloneel (ETN): Silver Eel downstream migration in the ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  248. PSE: Puget Sound Energy
    1. VRTT (NEP): Verretto Tags Type=Tracker, Records=162, LastModified=2012-06-08
  249. PSF: Pacific Salmon Federation
    1. V4LPSF (NEP): OTN V4L Loan - Pacific Salmon ... Type=Deployment, Records=128524, LastModified=2023-06-21
  250. PTI: Puyallup Tribe of Indians
    1. BRGR (NEP): Berger Tags Type=Tracker, Records=132, LastModified=2012-06-08
  251. PWSSC: Prince William Sound Science Center
    1. GRAVN (NEP): Port Gravina (Prince William Sound, AK) Type=Deployment, Records=965125, LastModified=2023-02-23
    2. MBL (NEP): Bishop Tags Type=Tracker, Records=44, LastModified=2012-06-08
    3. PWS (NEP): OTN Prince William Sound Array Type=Deployment, Records=2015577, LastModified=2023-06-28
    4. PWSHNB (NEP): HINCHINBROOK Type=Deployment, Records=1189993, LastModified=2023-02-23
    5. PWSPC (NEP): PWSSC Pacific Cod Type=Tracker, Records=250, LastModified=2015-05-08
    6. PWSPH (NEP): PWSSC Pacific Herring Type=Tracker, Records=1120, LastModified=2020-01-21
  252. Q

  253. QUB: Queens University Belfast
    1. V2LSMQUB (OTN): SeaMonitor - QUB Project Type=Data, Records=120, LastModified=2022-02-16
  254. QueensU: Queen's University
    1. BOQJW (GLATOS): Bay of Quinte Juvenile Walleye Migration Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. BQCLW (GLATOS): Bay of Quinte Cisco and Lake ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. ELOBB (GLATOS): Eastern Lake Ontario Black Bass Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. ELOMA (GLATOS): Eastern Lake Ontario Multi-Species Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. ELOMN (GLATOS): Eastern Lake Ontario Muskellunge and Northern ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  255. R

  256. RCBLSC: Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa
    1. APBKT (GLATOS): Coaster Brook Trout Movement in the ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  257. REVIVO: Revivo, Institute for ichthyological and ecological research
    1. Marble (ETN): Comparative study of marble and rainbow ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. MRTB (ETN): Marble vs rainbow trout Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  258. Rhodes U: Rhodes University
    1. EAGL (SAF): Eagle ray movement patterns along coastal ... Type=Tracker, Records=26, LastModified=2023-02-13
    2. POZS (SAF): Ponta do Ouro zambezi shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=132, LastModified=2022-03-16
    3. REDR (SAF): Estimating the impact of exploitation on ... Type=Data, Records=70, LastModified=2023-02-10
    4. V2LANG (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Angola Type=Data, Records=1386889, LastModified=2019-12-20
    5. V2LSAROMN (SAF): South Africa Red Roman Type=Data, Records=2242884, LastModified=2023-06-21
  259. Riley Elliot: Riley Elliot
    1. NITS (OTN): NITS Type=Data, Records=24, LastModified=2020-07-17
  260. RPS: RPS
    1. RPS2022GG (ACT): RPS Multi-Client Survey Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  261. RSMAS-UMiami: University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
    1. V2LDHNR (SAF): De Hoop Nature Reserve Sharks Type=Data, Records=370783, LastModified=2023-06-16
    2. V2LURB (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Miami & ... Type=Data, Records=571114, LastModified=2023-06-27
  262. RU-Marine: Rutgers University Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences
    1. ECOPAM (ACT): Ecosystem and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. RMIGLIDERS (ACT): NJ Research & Monitoring Initiative Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. SHS3974 (ACT): RUMFS Structured Habitat Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  263. RU: Rutgers University
    1. BSRP2 (ACT): RUMFS - BOEM Sand Ridge Phase ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. RUMFS01 (ACT): RUMFS Observatory Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. RUMFSWIND (ACT): RUMFS Ocean Wind Array Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  264. S

  265. SAIAB: South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity
    1. BLUE (SAF): Endemic blue stingrays in the Knysna ... Type=Tracker, Records=30, LastModified=2023-02-10
    2. ELAS (SAF): spatial ecology of chondricthyans in False ... Type=Data, Records=30, LastModified=2023-02-10
    3. KLOT (SAF): Dusky Kob and White Steebras Movement ... Type=Tracker, Records=30, LastModified=2022-03-14
    4. MULLET (SAF): Improving the knowledge of mullet species Type=Tracker, Records=2, LastModified=2023-02-10
    5. SAF (SAF): OTN South African Array Type=Deployment, Records=9451067, LastModified=2023-06-27
    6. SAIAB (SAF): SAIAB fish tracking Type=Tracker, Records=823, LastModified=2023-02-10
    7. SAIABR (SAF): South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity ... Type=Tracker, Records=196, LastModified=2023-02-10
    8. SAIABS (SAF): South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity ... Type=Tracker, Records=82, LastModified=2021-11-08
    9. TMNT (SAF): Turtle tracking in South Africa using ... Type=Tracker, Records=26, LastModified=2023-02-09
  266. SASC: South African Shark Conservancy
    1. BRFT (SAF): Breede River fish tracking Type=Tracker, Records=116, LastModified=2016-12-07
    2. SASC (SAF): SASC Type=Tracker, Records=40, LastModified=2022-06-07
  267. SBI: SmartBay Ireland
    1. BOOSBI (OTN): Buoys of Opportunity - Smart Bay ... Type=Deployment, Records=215, LastModified=2022-10-19
  268. SBU: Stony Brook University
    1. HSCNY (ACT): SBU New York Horseshoe Crab Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. LIARS (ACT): SBU Artificial Reef Habitat Use Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. SBUCONNECT (ACT): SBU New York Connector Array Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. SBUEQUINOR (ACT): SBU Empire Wind Site Assessment Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. SBUINGRAM (ACT): SBU - Ingram Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. SBUNYLA (ACT): SBU New York Lease Area Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. SBUSOMAS01 (ACT): Coastal New York Bight Acoustic Network Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  269. SC: South Carolina Public Service Authority (aka Santee Cooper)
    1. SCPLSM (FACT): SCPLSM Live Buoy- Pinopolis Lock Sturgeon ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  270. SCDNR: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
    1. COASTAL (FACT): COASTAL Tags- Diadromous fishes movement in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. COOPER (FACT): COOPER Tags- Diadromous fishes movement in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. EDISTO (FACT): EDISTO Tags- Diadromous fishes movement in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. SANTEE (FACT): SANTEE Tags- Diadromous fishes movement in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. SCARE (FACT): SCARE Array- South Carolina Coastal Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. SCARET (FACT): SCARET Tags- Movements of loggerhead sea ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. SCDNRBON (FACT): SCDNRBON tags- Seasonal movement of bonnethead ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. SCDNRBTP (FACT): SCDNRBTP Tags- Post-release survival of Blacktip ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. SCDNRDFP (FACT): SCDNRDFP Array- Diadromous Fishes statewide movement ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. SCDNRGPD (FACT): SCDNRGPD Tags- Diadromous fishes movement in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    11. SCDNRNE (FACT): SCDNRNE Array- Post-Release mortality of bonnetheads ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    12. SCDNRTIG (FACT): SCDNRTIG Tags- Movement and habitat utilization ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    13. SCLAKES (FACT): SCLAKES Tags- Diadromous fishes movement in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    14. SCSOFL (FACT): SCSOFL Tags- Tracking southern flounder in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    15. SHEP (FACT): SHEP Tags- Diadromous fishes movement in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  271. SCL: Seattle City Light
    1. CNNR (NEP): Connor Tags Type=Tracker, Records=764, LastModified=2014-12-15
    2. PFLG (NEP): Pflug Tags Type=Tracker, Records=614, LastModified=2013-01-09
  272. SERC: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
    1. BKTIP (ACT): SERC Blacktip Shark Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. BULLS (ACT): SERC Bull Shark Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. CBALEW (ACT): SERC Alewife Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. CBASR (ACT): SERC Atlantic Stingray Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. CBBCF (ACT): SERC Blue Catfish Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. CBCNR (ACT): SERC Cownose Ray Study Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. CBCRP (ACT): SERC Common Carp Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. CBHSC (ACT): SERC Atlantic Horseshoe Crab Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. CBJUVSB (ACT): SERC Juvenile Striped Bass Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. DSKYS (ACT): SERC Dusky Shark Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    11. PSRAY (ACT): Pamlico Sound Sharks and Rays Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    12. SERC1 (ACT): SERC Acoustic Telemetry Arrays Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    13. SERCNC (ACT): SERC NC Coast Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    14. SERCSMDOG (ACT): SERC Smooth Dogfish Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    15. SERCSPINR (ACT): SERC Spinner Shark Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  273. SEZARC: South-East Zoo Alliance for Reproduction and Conservation
    1. RSTSNCA (FACT): RSTSNCA Array- North Carolina shipwreck array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. RSTSNCT (FACT): RSTSNCT Tags- Reproductive life history of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  274. SFWMD: South Florida Water Management District
    1. FNEMO (FACT): FNEMO - (Tag) Impacts of freshwater ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  275. Shark Spotters: Shark Spotters
    1. SSST (SAF): Shark Spotters shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=177, LastModified=2022-03-18
  276. Shedd: Shedd Aquarium
    1. EST (OTN): Exuma Shark Tracking Type=Data, Records=1296920, LastModified=2023-03-08
    2. GBSUC (GLATOS): Green Bay White Sucker Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  277. SHG: The Silent Hunter Group, Inc
    1. V2LAND (OTN): Tracking the critically endangered smalltooth sawfish Type=Data, Records=1958, LastModified=2023-03-08
  278. SIMS: Sydney Institute of Marine Science
    1. BST (OTN): OTN Bass Strait Array Type=Data, Records=247125, LastModified=2020-09-25
  279. SIT: Squaxin Island Tribe
    1. SQICOHO (NEP): Squaxin Island Tribe Peale Passage Netpen ... Type=Tracker, Records=200, LastModified=2017-09-19
  280. SLU: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
    1. Cod-connectivity (ETN): Movement and habitat connectivity of Atlantic ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. DSM (ETN): Dalalven Smolt Migration Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. LBSSM (ETN): Ljusne Bay Salmon Spawning Migration Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. VFM_GoB (ETN): VFM_GulfOfBotnia Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. VFM_Hjalmaren (ETN): VFM_Hjalmaren Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. VFM_Malaren (ETN): VFM_Malaren Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. VFM_Siljan (ETN): VFM_Siljan Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. VFM_Vattern (ETN): VFM_Vattern Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. VFM_WCC (ETN): VFM_WestCoastCostal Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  281. SOAR: Sustainable Oceans Applied Research
    1. BOOSOAR (OTN): SOAR Tidal Generation Type=Deployment, Records=223, LastModified=2021-11-15
  282. SoMAS: School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University
    1. FDT (OTN): Frisk and Dunton Tags Type=Tracker, Records=2, LastModified=2014-02-10
    2. LICABLE (ACT): SBU - Sunrise Wind Cable Export ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  283. SON: Saugeen Ojibway Nation
    1. NBTST (GLATOS): Nottawasaga Bay Telemetry Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  284. SOS: Saving Our Sharks
    1. SOSP (MIGRAMAR): Saving Our Sharks Mexico Type=Data, Records=162029, LastModified=2023-06-16
  285. Sportvisserij Nederland: Sportvisserij Nederland
    1. Fish_Mig_Wad_Sea (ETN): Fish migration from source to Waddensea Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. SVNL_2018_0001 (ETN): SVNL-FISH-WATCH Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. Swimway Vechte (ETN): Swimway Vechte Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  286. SRC-UMiami: Shark Research and Conservation Program - University of Miami
    1. V2LSRCBAY (OTN): SRC - Biscayne Bay Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. V2LSRCMRT (OTN): SRC Miami Reef Tract Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  287. SSS: Seymour Salmonid Society
    1. VNCNT (NEP): Vincent Tags Type=Tracker, Records=640, LastModified=2012-06-08
  288. SSU: Savannah State University
    1. SSUEEL (FACT): SSUEEL Tags- Tracking elasmobranchs in the ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. SSUEELR (FACT): SSUEELR Array- Elasmobranchs in the Savannah ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  289. St And: University of St. Andrews
    1. LESPUR (OTN): Spatial Ecology of spurdog (Squalus acanthias) ... Type=Data, Records=772453, LastModified=2023-03-08
  290. Stanford U: Stanford University
    1. ACSK (NEP): Carlisle Tags Type=Tracker, Records=53, LastModified=2020-03-26
    2. PWSSHK (NEP): Prince William Sound salmon sharks Type=Deployment, Records=110287, LastModified=2014-03-13
    3. TAG (OTN): Tag-A-Giant Type=Tracker, Records=628, LastModified=2023-04-26
  291. Swansea U: Swansea University
    1. SEM (ETN): Swedish eel migration Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. SwanseaBristolArray (ETN): Swansea Uni acoustic receiver array: Bristol ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. V2LFALK (OTN): Brown trout in the Falkland Islands Type=Data, Records=3691, LastModified=2021-04-05
  292. T

  293. TAMU-HRI: Harte Research Institute-Texas A&M University
    1. V2LTEXAAN (OTN): Texas Acoustic Array Network - Corpus ... Type=Data, Records=2708, LastModified=2020-04-29
  294. TAMU: Texas A&M University
    1. TAMUARR (FACT): TAMUARR Array- Migration patterns of sharks ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. TAMUTAG (FACT): TAMUTAG Tags- Migration patterns of sharks ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  295. TAU-Zoology: Tel Aviv University - School of Zoology
    1. Siganid_East_Med (ETN): Siganid_East_Med Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  296. TAU: Tel Aviv University
    1. PIUI (OTN): Spatio-temporal habitat partitioning between lionfish species ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. SCIUI (OTN): Stress On the Reef Type=Data, Records=987444, LastModified=2022-10-25
    3. SIUI (OTN): Marine invasive species: Eilat, Gulf of ... Type=Data, Records=1272411, LastModified=2017-03-23
    4. SMED (OTN): Sdot Yam, Haifa District: The ... Type=Data, Records=1820438, LastModified=2023-06-27
    5. VEMTB (OTN): High-resolution tracking of parrotfish in the ... Type=Data, Records=8576296, LastModified=2023-06-27
  297. TNC: The Nature Conservancy
    1. TNCBSBNC (ACT): TNC small black sea bass tagging ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  298. TOA: Two Oceans Aquarium
    1. TOA (SAF): Two Oceans Aquarium raggedtooth shark tagging Type=Tracker, Records=58, LastModified=2022-02-10
  299. U

  300. U Laval: University of Laval
    1. JDE (OTN): OTN Canada American Eel Tracking Type=Data, Records=695749, LastModified=2022-10-25
  301. U Maine: University of Maine
    1. GMS (OTN): Gulf of Maine Sturgeon Type=Tracker, Records=982, LastModified=2019-12-02
  302. U Miami: University of Miami
    1. V2LUMI (OTN): OTN VR2W Loan - Bahamas Tiger ... Type=Data, Records=237259, LastModified=2023-03-08
  303. U Windsor - GLIER: University of Windsor - Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research
    1. ACCEL (GLATOS): Walleye accelerometry Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. BQATL (GLATOS): Bay of Quinte Atlantic Salmon movements Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. CRATL (GLATOS): Credit River Atlantic salmon movements and ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. DCATL (GLATOS): Duffins Creek Atlantic Salmon Juvenile Movements Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. FIMSA (GLATOS): Fighting Island Multi-Species Assessment Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. GOATS (GLATOS): Gorsky's Ontario Acoustic Telemetry System Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. LOSAL (GLATOS): Lake Ontario Salmonids Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. LOTPI (GLATOS): Lake Ontario Lake Trout & Chinook ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. RAEON (GLATOS): Real-time Aquatic Ecosystem Observation Network Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. WNDCD (GLATOS): Windemere Carp and DO device Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  304. U Windsor: University of Windsor
    1. ABO (OTN): Tracking Greenland halibut in Offshore Baffin ... Type=Data, Records=98269, LastModified=2022-10-25
    2. ACB (OTN): Integrating acoustic telemetry and genomics to ... Type=Data, Records=18313256, LastModified=2023-06-27
    3. ACS (OTN): OTN Arctic Cumberland Sound Array Type=Data, Records=2356049, LastModified=2020-05-04
    4. ALS (OTN): OTN Arctic Lancaster Sound Array Type=Data, Records=34668488, LastModified=2023-03-08
    5. ANL (OTN): Arctic Nettling Lake Type=Data, Records=4297708, LastModified=2023-03-08
    6. API (OTN): OTN Arctic Pond Inlet Array Type=Data, Records=14589, LastModified=2022-10-25
    7. ASI (OTN): OTN Arctic Scott Inlet Array Type=Data, Records=1817896, LastModified=2022-10-25
    8. AULUFSH (OTN): Arctic - Ulukhaktok Fish Tracking Type=Data, Records=43622383, LastModified=2023-06-30
    9. QIK (OTN): Habitat connectivity of Greenland halibut and ... Type=Data, Records=32210, LastModified=2022-10-25
    10. V2LAMP (OTN): OTN Arctic Monitoring Program - Hussey ... Type=Data, Records=436155, LastModified=2023-02-15
    11. WSMBUW (OTN): Tancook Island White Shark Array Type=Deployment, Records=6369, LastModified=2023-06-27
  305. UAc: Universidade dos Açores
    1. AZR (OTN): OTN Azores Array Type=Data, Records=329926, LastModified=2022-10-25
  306. UB: Universidad de Barcelona
    1. SGB (OTN): OTN Strait of Gibraltar Line Type=Deployment, Records=336642, LastModified=2013-08-16
  307. UB: Universitat de Barcelona
    1. CTN (ETN): Catalan Tracking Network Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  308. UBC: University of British Columbia
    1. COAST (NEP): Salish Sea Salmon Tracking Type=Data, Records=6291, LastModified=2023-05-16
    2. HNCH (NEP): Hinch Tags Type=Tracker, Records=392, LastModified=2012-06-08
    3. PSS1 (NEP): OTN Canada Pacific Sockeye Salmon Tagging ... Type=Tracker, Records=800, LastModified=2011-03-14
    4. PSS2 (NEP): OTN Canada Pacific Sockeye Salmon Tagging ... Type=Data, Records=1356951, LastModified=2022-10-24
    5. RABY (NEP): Raby Coho Salmon Tagging Type=Tracker, Records=840, LastModified=2015-05-12
    6. V2LBTC (NEP): Chilko Lake Bull Trout Type=Data, Records=5025867, LastModified=2023-03-08
  309. UCC: University College Cork
    1. SMUCC (OTN): SeaMonitor - UCC Project Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. V2LCETUS (OTN): CETUS: Cetacean, Elasmobranch, Turtle, and Seabird ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  310. UCDavis: University of California, Davis
    1. KLIM (NEP): Klimley Tags Type=Tracker, Records=835, LastModified=2014-11-17
    2. UCDCORE (PATH): Core Array Type=Tracker, Records=3053, LastModified=2022-07-14
    3. UCDHIST (PATH): Multi-Agency Fish Tracking Array Type=Data, Records=59492315, LastModified=2023-06-21
    4. UCDMSX20 (PATH): UC Davis Ocean Striped Bass migration ... Type=Data, Records=3920, LastModified=2023-06-19
    5. VMLSOCBS (OTN): A novel approach to observing the ... Type=Data, Records=18, LastModified=2023-02-10
    6. YOLO (NEP): Evaluation of Floodplain Rearing and Migration ... Type=Tracker, Records=248, LastModified=2016-08-26
    7. YRK (NEP): Northern DPS and Southern DPS Green ... Type=Tracker, Records=90, LastModified=2012-08-29
  311. UCF: University of Central Florida
    1. DRMUCF (OTN): Assessing the role of estuarine impoundments ... Type=Tracker, Records=60, LastModified=2017-11-09
    2. MULUCF (FACT): MULUCF Tags- Striped mullet migration patterns ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. V2LDRUM (OTN): Assessing the role of estuarine impoundments ... Type=Deployment, Records=3138516, LastModified=2021-11-15
  312. UCR: Universidad de Costa Rica
    1. GSECR (MIGRAMAR): Gulfo de Santa Elena Megafauna Tracking Type=Data, Records=1802472, LastModified=2022-10-26
    2. SEBCR (MIGRAMAR): 180khz Tagging in Santa Elena Bay, ... Type=Data, Records=1644909, LastModified=2022-10-07
  313. UCSC: University of California Santa Cruz
    1. UCSCALL07 (PATH): UCSC Project Type=Data, Records=5018401, LastModified=2023-06-28
    2. UCSCNOAAOT22 (PATH): UCSCNOAAOT22 Type=Tracker, Records=220, LastModified=2023-02-13
  314. UCT: University of Cape Town
    1. TBRO (SAF): Ecology of the Copper Shark Type=Tracker, Records=82, LastModified=2023-02-10
  315. UDEL: University of Delaware
    1. BRAWSHAD (ACT): Brandywine Shad Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. DEWEA (ACT): BOEM-DE Offshore Wind Energy Area Study Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. OBAS (OTN): Acoustic transmitter detections in the coastal ... Type=Deployment, Records=2712, LastModified=2022-04-01
    4. SSTDEL (OTN): Atlantic Sturgeon and Sand Tiger Acoustic ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. UDASSNSPOT (ACT): UD Potomac River Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. VAHMSSHARK (ACT): BOEM-VA: HMS sharks on a dredged ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  316. UFL WHIT: University of Florida Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience
    1. WHITR (FACT): WHITR Array- Red drum movements Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. WHITT (FACT): WHITT Tags- Red drum movements Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  317. UFL-FAS: University of Florida Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
    1. V2LGMXSNAP (OTN): Post-release Mortality of Eastern Gulf of ... Type=Data, Records=47202915, LastModified=2023-06-27
  318. UFL: University of Florida
    1. BLCR1 (ACT): Tracking Callinectes sapidus Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. SHKBTA (FACT): SKKBTA Array - Shark Bite Study Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. SHKBTT (FACT): SHKBTT Tags - Shark Bite Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. UFRA (FACT): UFRA Array- Movement of fishes around ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. UFRATAG (FACT): UFRA Tags- Movement of fishes around ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. UFTAL (FACT): UFTAL - (Tag) Habitat Use of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. UFTALA (FACT): UFTALA - (Array) Habitat Use of ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  319. UFPE: Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
    1. V2LTAMS (OTN): Effectiveness of a no-take zone Type=Data, Records=199179, LastModified=2022-03-31
  320. UFRPE: Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco
    1. AFN (BRZ): Shark monitoring program of Fernando de ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. V4LSPSPA (OTN): VR4 Loan - Saint Peter and ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  321. UG-SKIO: Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, University of Georgia
    1. GOOUGA (OTN): Glider of Opportunity - University of ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  322. UGA: University of Georgia
    1. UGAACI (FACT): UGAACI Tags- Movements of Atlantic Sturgeon ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. UGAFOX (FACT): UGAFOX Array- Movements of Juvenile Atlantic ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. UGAING (FACT): UGAING Array- Movements of sturgeon in ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. UGASTM (FACT): UGASTM Array- Sturgeon movements in Georgia Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  323. UGent: Ghent University
    1. 2016 PhD Vergeynst (ETN): 2016 PhD Vergeynst Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. 2019_Grotenete (ETN): 2019_Grotenete Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. 2021_Dijle (ETN): Dijle_VPS Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  324. UH-Mānoa: University of Hawaii at Mānoa
    1. MNUI (PIRAT): Molokini and Maui Nui Type=Data, Records=203403, LastModified=2023-06-28
  325. UH: University of Hawaii
    1. LHWI (PIRAT): Central Pacific Scalloped Hammerhead Type=Data, Records=346991, LastModified=2023-06-22
  326. UI-WF: University of Iceland - Research Centre of the Westfjords
    1. ICESF (OTN): Cod and saithe tracking in the ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  327. UL: University of Louisiana Lafayette
    1. NNSY21 (ACT): NAVFAC Norfolk Shipyard array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  328. UMASS A: University of Massachusetts Amherst
    1. GTALPH (SAF): Response to recreational fishing, Seyechelles Type=Data, Records=3301405, LastModified=2023-06-13
    2. UMASSHK (FACT): UMASSSHK Tags - Shark Community around ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  329. UMass Dartmouth SMAST: UMass Dartmouth - School for Marine Science & Technology
    1. COXCOD20 (ACT): SMAST/ MA DMF Atlantic cod spawning Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  330. UMASS: University of Massachusetts
    1. ALGLFP (PIRAT): Anaa Atoll Bonefish Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  331. UMCES: University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
    1. CBBBMB (ACT): UMCES Chesapeake Backbone, Mid-Bay Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. HRSB04 (ACT): UMCES Resident Hudson Striped Bass Migration Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. HRSB09 (ACT): UMCES Lower Hudson Striped Bass Contingents Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. HUDRSB (ACT): UMCES-NYSDEC Hudson Striped Bass Spawning Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. MDBSB (ACT): UMCES Black Sea Bass & Offshore ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. MDWEA (ACT): UMCES BOEM Offshore Wind Energy Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. MDWEAMAM (ACT): UMCES BOEM Marine Mammal Monitoring Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. PASBT (ACT): UMCES Potomac River Striped Bass Migration Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. PAXSB08 (ACT): UMCES Striped Bass Thermal Squeeze Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. TAILWINDS (ACT): UMCES TailWinds Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  332. UMR MARBEC: University of Montpellier: Marine Biodiversity, Exploitation and Conservation
    1. V2LGOL (OTN): VR2W Loan - Gulf of Lion Type=Data, Records=34488, LastModified=2022-04-01
  333. UNB-F: University of New Brunswick - Fredericton
    1. CASSB (OTN): UNB Atlantic sturgeon and striped bass ... Type=Data, Records=10225817, LastModified=2023-03-08
    2. CBT (OTN): Movements of Brown Trout in the ... Type=Data, Records=1826199, LastModified=2023-06-27
    3. TNGS (OTN): Assessing the efficiency of the downstream ... Type=Data, Records=67381, LastModified=2023-06-15
    4. UNBEEL (OTN): UNB Ecology of the American eel Type=Data, Records=7710060, LastModified=2023-06-30
    5. UNBLMB (OTN): UNB Largemouth Bass Type=Data, Records=18, LastModified=2023-04-11
  334. UNC Wilmington: University of North Carolina Wilmington
    1. UNCST (FACT): UNCST Tags- Movements of sand tiger ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  335. UNC-IMS: University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Sciences
    1. UNC1 (FACT): UNC1 Array- Movements of bonnethead sharks ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. UNCNCS (FACT): UNCNCS Tags- Movements of bonnethead sharks ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. UNCSHEEP (ACT): UNC Sheepshead movements Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  336. UNCW: University of North Carolina at Wilmington
    1. NCATS2021 (ACT): NC - Cape Fear River Atlantic ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  337. UNE: University of New England
    1. UNESACOBAY (ACT): UNE Saco River Estuary Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  338. UNF: University of North Florida
    1. BOOUNF (OTN): Buoys of Opportunity - UNF Type=Deployment, Records=8, LastModified=2014-12-15
    2. MBSHHA (FACT): MBSHHA - (Tag) The effect of ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. MBSHHN (FACT): MBSHHN - (Tag) Effect of environmental ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  339. UNH: University of New Hampshire
    1. ADEON (OTN): Atlantic Deepwater Ecosystem Observatory Network Type=Deployment, Records=252, LastModified=2021-11-15
    2. CNEMBON (ACT): UNH - Coastal New England MBON ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. GBSMELT (ACT): UNH - Rainbow smelt Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. V2LNHGB (OTN): OTN Loan - Value of estuaries ... Type=Data, Records=10974, LastModified=2022-07-25
    5. V2LWNERR (OTN): Movement ecology of invasive green crabs ... Type=Data, Records=718240, LastModified=2019-10-01
  340. UNIPD: University of Padova
    1. Adriatic (ETN): survival_movement_elasmobranch_Adriatic Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  341. UNIPR: University of Parma
    1. 2016_Diaccia_Botrona (ETN): 2016_Diaccia_Botrona Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  342. UOG: University of Glasgow
    1. Conon 2017 (ETN): Conon 2017 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. Moray Firth 2016 (ETN): Moray Firth 2016 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. Skye 2017 (ETN): Skye 2017 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. SMUOG (OTN): SeaMonitor: Defining the Costs and Pathways ... Type=Data, Records=9924991, LastModified=2023-06-27
  343. UPC: Polytechnic University of Catalonia
    1. RESBIO (ETN): Redes de Sensores submarinos autonomos para ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  344. UPEI: University of Prince Edward Island
    1. NLCPEI (OTN): North Lake Creek Salmon Type=Data, Records=212, LastModified=2019-05-28
    2. RRT (OTN): PEI Rainbow Trout Tracking Type=Data, Records=688852, LastModified=2020-08-11
  345. UPVD: Université de Perpignan
    1. ResMed (ETN): ResMed Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  346. Upwell: Upwell Turtles
    1. LBTCACUR (PATH): Upwell Turtles: California Current Leatherbacks Type=Tracker, Records=4, LastModified=2022-08-11
    2. LBTPCR (MIGRAMAR): Leatherback Turtle Tracking in Pacuare Wildlife ... Type=Tracker, Records=16, LastModified=2019-06-12
  347. US-A: United States Army
    1. ATSHS (ACT): APG Atlantic and Shortnose Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  348. USACE: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    1. CRSAC (GLATOS): CAWS Asian Carp Telemetry Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. GOETZ (NEP): Goetz Tags Type=Tracker, Records=1052, LastModified=2012-08-29
    3. IWWAC (GLATOS): IL Waterway Asian Carp Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  349. USBR: US Bureau of Reclamation
    1. RCS (NEP): Chase Tags Type=Tracker, Records=20, LastModified=2012-06-08
  350. USF: University of South Florida
    1. GOOUSF (OTN): Gliders of Opportunity - University of ... Type=Deployment, Records=1015, LastModified=2023-03-08
    2. VMLUSF (OTN): OTN VMT Loan - USF Type=Deployment, Records=278, LastModified=2022-10-26
  351. USFQ: Universidad San Francisco de Quito
    1. GMR (MIGRAMAR): Galapagos Marine Reserve Type=Data, Records=63017, LastModified=2022-10-19
  352. USFWS: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    1. BHLAS (GLATOS): Buffalo Harbor Lake Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. CONRH (OTN): Movement of Alewife in the Concord ... Type=Tracker, Records=360, LastModified=2018-08-29
    3. ELOCS (GLATOS): Eastern Lake Ontario Cisco and Lake ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. GBNOP (GLATOS): Green Bay Northern Pike Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. GUIL (NEP): Guillen Tags Type=Tracker, Records=48, LastModified=2012-07-17
    6. KRLAS (GLATOS): Kewaunee River Lake Sturgeon Study Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. KWWMS (GLATOS): Keweenaw Waterway Multi-Species Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. LNRLS (GLATOS): Lower Niagara River Array Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. LSSLS (GLATOS): Lake Superior South Lake Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. NULLR (NEP): Null Tags Type=Tracker, Records=958, LastModified=2012-06-08
    11. SHAW (NEP): Shaw Tags Type=Tracker, Records=2, LastModified=2012-07-17
    12. STLLS (GLATOS): St. Lawrence River Juvenile Lake Sturgeon Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    13. STLRV (GLATOS): St. Lawrence River Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    14. STLWY (GLATOS): St. Lawrence River Array Tagging Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    15. STREG (GLATOS): St. Regis River Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    16. SUSQAME (ACT): Susquehanna River American Eel Migration Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    17. USFWSOT21 (PATH): USFWSOT21 Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  353. USGS WFRC: USGS Western Fisheries Research Center
    1. USGSACEAM20 (PATH): USGSACEAM20 Type=Data, Records=192, LastModified=2023-04-28
  354. USGS-CAFRL: Conte Anadromous Fish Research Laboratory
    1. MERRSTURG (ACT): Micah Kieffer Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  355. USGS-EESC-Conte Lab: United States Geological Survey: Eastern Ecological Science Center - Conte Lab
    1. DEBAYALS (ACT): USGS-Delaware Bay Shad Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  356. USGS-LEBS: U.S. Geological Survey-Lake Erie Biological Station
    1. LEGRD (GLATOS): Lake Erie Grid Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. LENSA (GLATOS): Lake Erie Nearshore Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. LEYPA (GLATOS): Lake Erie Yellow Perch Array Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. SRVPS (GLATOS): Sandusky River Vemco Positioning System Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  357. USGS-TL: U.S. Geological Survey-Tunison Lab
    1. LOATS (GLATOS): Atlantic Salmon Movements Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. LOBLO (GLATOS): Bloater Movements in Lake Ontario Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. LOCIS (GLATOS): Cisco Movements Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. LOLAS (GLATOS): Lake Sturgeon Movements in Lake Ontario Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. SLATS (GLATOS): Atlantic Salmon Movements in the St. ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  358. USGS: U.S. Geological Survey
    1. CHBSL (GLATOS): Cheboygan River Sea Lamprey Escapement Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. DRJLS (GLATOS): Detroit River Juvenile Lake Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. GCSRO (GLATOS): Grass Carp Sandusky River VPS 2022 Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. GORGE (GLATOS): Cuyahoga River Gorge Dam Removal Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. GTCOR (GLATOS): Spatial Ecology of Cisco and Lake ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. HECSL (GLATOS): Huron Erie Corridor Sea Lamprey Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. HECST (GLATOS): Lake Sturgeon Metapopulation Structure Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. JLSOH (GLATOS): Juvenile lake sturgeon olfactory homing Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. KWBRC (GLATOS): Spawning Reef Contribution in Keweenaw Bay Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. LECIS (GLATOS): Lake Erie Cisco Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    11. LENAT (GLATOS): Lake Erie Native Fish Sandusky River Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    12. LEPSL (GLATOS): Lake Erie Parasitic Sea Lamprey Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    13. LHRUS (GLATOS): Lake Huron Receivers in U. S. ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    14. LSCSF (GLATOS): Cisco Spawning Site Fidelity Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    15. PBU (OTN): USGS: Salmon tagging Type=Tracker, Records=9175, LastModified=2023-02-14
    16. RGPLT (GLATOS): Round Goby Acoustic Telemetry in Lake ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    17. ROMINE (NEP): Long term migration patterns of green ... Type=Data, Records=87, LastModified=2014-04-30
    18. SDBUT (GLATOS): St. Clair-Detroit River Burbot Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    19. SMRSL (GLATOS): St Marys River Sea Lamprey Migration Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    20. SSKWP (GLATOS): Stamp Sands Keweenaw Peninsula Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    21. ULHLW (GLATOS): US Lake Huron Lake Whitefish Movement Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    22. USGSST (FACT): USGSST - (Tag) Sea Turtles in ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  359. UTEE-EMI: Estonian Marine Institute
    1. ASMOP1 (ETN): Spawning migration of pike in MatsaluBay ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. ASMOP2 (ETN): Spawning migration of pike in Teorehe-Sauemeri ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. MOPP (ETN): Migration of pikeperch within the Lake ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  360. UTol: University of Toledo
    1. JLWFM (GLATOS): Juvenile Lake Whitefish Movements Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. LENMT (GLATOS): Lake Erie Northern map turtle Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  361. UVI-CMES: University of the Virgin Islands Center for Marine and Environmental Studies
    1. UVILC (FACT): UVILC Tags - Movement patterns of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. UVIMSC (FACT): UVIMSC Tags - Movement patterns of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. UVING (FACT): UVING- (Tag) Movement patterns of Nassau ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. UVIQTC (FACT): UVIQTC Tags - Movement patterns of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. UVIRHC (FACT): UVIRHC Tags - Assessing Population Structure ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. UVIYP (FACT): UVIYP - (Tag) Foraging activity, movements ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  362. UVI: University of the Virgin Islands
    1. UVIFCEE (FACT): UVIFCEE Tags - Ecological connectivity among ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  363. UVic: University of Victoria
    1. BOOONC (NEP): Buoys of Opportunity - ONC Type=Deployment, Records=10268, LastModified=2023-06-21
    2. PCA (OTN): Pirenne Cabled Arrays Type=Deployment, Records=26, LastModified=2022-10-17
    3. V2LCOBS (NEP): VR2W Loan - Cowichan Bay Salmon Type=Data, Records=817355, LastModified=2023-06-28
    4. V2LSOGCK (NEP): Differential migration behaviour of Chinook Salmon ... Type=Data, Records=193084, LastModified=2023-06-21
    5. VIP (NEP): VENUS Node Type=Deployment, Records=3714, LastModified=2011-03-14
  364. UVM: University of Vermont
    1. LCTRT (GLATOS): Three-dimensional lake trout movement in Lake ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. UVMLT (GLATOS): Lake Champlain Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  365. UWA: Underwater Africa
    1. V2LMOZ (SAF): Tracking large sharks in the coastal ... Type=Data, Records=55657, LastModified=2022-06-24
  366. UWash: University of Washington
    1. BOODST (OTN): Buoys of Opportunity - Davis Strait ... Type=Deployment, Records=375739, LastModified=2023-06-30
    2. ESS (NEP): Essington Tags Type=Tracker, Records=103, LastModified=2012-07-17
    3. MLNCHK (NEP): Effects of ultraviolet radiation exposure on ... Type=Tracker, Records=1272, LastModified=2012-06-08
  367. UWSP: University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
    1. GBGLW (GLATOS): Green Bay Grid Lake Whitefish Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  368. V

  369. VanAqua: Vancouver Aquarium
    1. PTATK (NEP): Point Atkinson Type=Deployment, Records=36, LastModified=2012-09-14
  370. VCFWRU: Vermont Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
    1. LCJLS (GLATOS): Lake Champlain Juvenile Lake Sturgeon Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  371. VCU: Virginia Commonwealth University
    1. VCUWORK (ACT): VCU/VDWR Telemetry Work Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  372. VHL: Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences
    1. CANAPE (ETN): INTERREG_CANAPE Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. RBVV2 (ETN): Ruim_baan_voor_vis_2 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. Sudle_INNOV (ETN): Sud_le_Innovatieve_monitoring Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. VVV (ETN): Vissen_voor_verbinding Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  373. VIMS: Virginia Institute of Marine Science
    1. MOLOKI (PIRAT): Molokini Tracking Study Type=Data, Records=371664, LastModified=2023-06-28
    2. VIMCHES (FACT): VIMCHES Array- Southeast Chesapeake Bay array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. VIMCOB (FACT): VIMCOB Tags- Movements of cobia within ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. VIMS4ACIPO (ACT): VIMS Sturgeon Project Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. VIMS4AMIA (ACT): VIMS Bowfin and Snakehead Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. VIMS4CYN (ACT): VIMS Spotted Seatrout Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  374. Virginia DWR: Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources
    1. JAMESBCF21 (ACT): VDWR- Blue Catfish Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  375. Virginia MRC: Virginia Marine Resources Commission
    1. VMRCAS (ACT): VMRC Acoustic Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  376. VLIZ: Flanders Marine Institute
    1. 2015_Homarus (ETN): 2015_Homarus Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. 2015 PhD Verhelst_cod (ETN): 2015 PhD Verhelst_cod Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. 2015 PhD Verhelst_eel (ETN): 2015 PhD Verhelst_eel Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. BPNS (ETN): BPNS Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. Cpod-Lifewatch (ETN): Lifewatch Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. Cpodnetwork (ETN): cpodnetwork Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. FISHINTEL (ETN): Fisheries Innovation for sustainable SHared INTerchannEL ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. PhD_Marrocco (ETN): PhD_Marrocco Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. Westerschelde 1 (ETN): Westerschelde 1 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. Westerschelde 2 (ETN): Westerschelde 2 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  377. W

  378. WA Fish-CSIRO: Western Australia Department of Fisheries, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
    1. GWS (OTN): WAFish/CSIRO Type=Tracker, Records=10, LastModified=2011-03-17
    2. SBT (OTN): CSIRO: SBT tagging Type=Tracker, Records=240, LastModified=2013-07-30
  379. WA Fish: Western Australia Department of Fisheries
    1. CCK (OTN): Cockburn Sound WA Type=Tracker, Records=80, LastModified=2011-03-14
    2. PLT (OTN): WA Fisheries: Tailor tag releases Type=Tracker, Records=16, LastModified=2011-03-14
    3. PRT (OTN): OTN Perth Line Type=Deployment, Records=260913, LastModified=2023-06-20
    4. WST (OTN): WAF Shark Tracking Type=Data, Records=123, LastModified=2015-09-10
  380. WCFRU: Wisconsin Cooperative Fishery Research Unit
    1. GBFRM (GLATOS): Green Bay Fox River Muskellunge Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. GBWLM (GLATOS): Green Bay Whitefish Latent Mortality Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. LMLSM (GLATOS): Lake Michigan Lake Sturgeon Movement Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  381. WCS: Wildlife Conservation Society
    1. RBWW (SAF): Whitespotted Wedgefish Movement Type=Tracker, Records=16, LastModified=2022-03-14
  382. WDFW: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
    1. DION (NEP): Northeast Pacific Green Sturgeon Tagging Type=Tracker, Records=740, LastModified=2021-03-11
  383. WIDNR: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
    1. GBSTG (GLATOS): Movement and Fidelity of Green Bay ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. MRSMB (GLATOS): Menominee River Smallmouth Bass and Walleye Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  384. Wildlife Estonia: Wildlife Estonia
    1. NARVAEEL (ETN): NARVAEEL Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  385. WUR-WMR: Wageningen Marine Research
    1. Brasem IJM/MM (ETN): Brasem Ijsselmeergebied Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. DAK (ETN): DAK 2018-2019 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. Drie Delfzijlen (ETN): Delfzijl Drie Delfzijlen Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. DZ (ETN): Delfzijl 2014-2015 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. EKI (ETN): Eemskanaal I Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. EKII (ETN): Eemskanaal II Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    7. EKIII (ETN): Eemskanaal III Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    8. FL (ETN): Friesland 2011-2012 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    9. Hunze eel (ETN): Hunze_eel Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    10. KWZ (ETN): Kornwerderzand Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    11. LW (ETN): Lauwersmeer Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    12. MEP-NSW (ETN): MEPNSW Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    13. VPS Duurswold (ETN): VPS Duurswold Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    14. VPS Garmerwolde (ETN): VPS Garmerwolde Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  386. WUR: Wageningen University and Research Centre
    1. Noordzeekanaal 2017-2018 (ETN): Noordzeekanaal 2017-2018 Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  387. WWS: Willowbrook Watershed Services
    1. WBKOR (OTN): Atlantic Salmon Survival and Movement in ... Type=Data, Records=219, LastModified=2018-10-10
  388. Y

  389. York U: York University
    1. TWRWT (GLATOS): Toronto Waterfront Restored Wetlands Turtles Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  390. Z

  391. ZSL: Zoological Society of London
    1. V2LCASP (OTN): Canaries Angel Shark Project Type=Data, Records=29324, LastModified=2021-11-01