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  1. Acadia U: Acadia University
    1. BSB: Cape Breton Striped Bass Type=Data, Records=1454665, LastModified=2019-01-11
    2. FRO: Frobisher Bay, Canada Type=Data, Records=33379, LastModified=2013-11-08
    3. HRFORCE: Quantifying fish-turbine interactions using new high ... Type=Data, Records=1193139, LastModified=2019-01-15
    4. MPD: OTN Canada Atlantic Sturgeon Tracking Type=Data, Records=3670977, LastModified=2019-01-15
    5. MPS: OTN Minas Passage Line Type=Deployment, Records=272836, LastModified=2019-01-15
    6. NSP: Nova Scotia Power Type=Data, Records=531949, LastModified=2017-06-06
  2. APU: Alaska Pacific University
    1. DSO (NEP): Scheel Tags Type=Tracker, Records=30, LastModified=2012-06-08
  3. ASF-OTN: Atlantic Salmon Federation and Ocean Tracking Network
    1. ASF: Atlantic Salmon Federation Type=Data, Records=7149678, LastModified=2019-01-15
  4. B

  5. Bayworld: Bayworld Museum Complex
    1. ABRS (SAF): Algoa Bay raggedtooth shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=82, LastModified=2015-02-13
  6. BBFSF: Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation
    1. V2LBBFSF: Multi-elasmobranch species telemetry project Type=Data, Records=2548822, LastModified=2018-12-11
  7. BC-FLNRO: British Columbia Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
    1. BISN (NEP): Bison Tags Type=Tracker, Records=200, LastModified=2012-06-08
  8. BGU: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
    1. V2LLIONFS: OTN VR2W Loan - Lionfish (Pterios ... Type=Data, Records=16, LastModified=2016-03-21
  9. BTT: Bonefish and Tarpon Trust
    1. BTTFLK: Spatial Ecology of Permit and Atlantic ... Type=Data, Records=58, LastModified=2018-07-12
    2. V2LGBI: OTN VR2W Loan - Finding Bonefish ... Type=Data, Records=8328326, LastModified=2018-11-30
  10. BtWaves: Beneath the Waves
    1. BTWR (FACT): BTWR Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. BTWS (FACT): BTWS Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  11. BtWaves: Beneath the Waves Inc
    1. V2LJPN: Tracking Hammerhead Sharks in Japan Type=Data, Records=30633, LastModified=2017-11-08
  12. C

  13. Cal-DWR: California Dept. of Water Resources
    1. LDUX (NEP): Ledoux Bloom Tags Type=Tracker, Records=198, LastModified=2012-07-17
  14. Carleton U: Carleton University
    1. TAAS (NEP): Tracking anadromous adult salmonids Type=Tracker, Records=708, LastModified=2018-04-04
  15. CARU: Carleton University
    1. BTTPER (FACT): BTTPER Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  16. CBU: Cape Breton University
    1. BDL: OTN Bras d'Or Lakes Array Type=Data, Records=2863869, LastModified=2018-09-05
    2. V2LSBERS: Scatarie Bank Experiential Research Site Type=Deployment, Records=2, LastModified=2018-01-22
  17. CCU: Coastal Carolina University
    1. CCUSBR (FACT): Relative abundance, habitat selection, and migratory ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. CCUSRP (FACT): Factors Influencing Movements of Sharks in ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. CPJW (FACT): CPJW Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. JLACL1 (FACT): Demographics, Residency and Movement Patterns of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  18. CEI: Cape Eleuthera Institute
    1. ELEU (FACT): The spatial ecology of the bull ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  19. CICESE: Centro de Investigación Cientifica y de Educacion Superior de Ensenada
    1. BOOMBARI (NEP): Acoustic Receiver on CICESE Buoy in ... Type=Deployment, Records=2, LastModified=2018-03-19
  20. CLEM: Clemson University
    1. CLEMPAR (FACT): CLEMPAR Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  21. CMAR: Centre for Marine Applied Research
    1. NSDFA: Nova Scotia environmental sensor sites Type=Deployment, Records=161318, LastModified=2018-09-27
  22. CMRC: Coastal & Marine Research Centre
    1. CESB: CMRC European Sea Bass Tracking Type=Tracker, Records=28, LastModified=2014-02-13
  23. CWF: Canadian Wildlife Federation
    1. V2LEOR: OTN VR2W Loan - Eels in ... Type=Data, Records=58610, LastModified=2018-05-28
    2. V2LEOR2: American Eel Assesment at Hydropower Facility ... Type=Data, Records=1612308, LastModified=2018-09-04
  24. D

  25. DAFF: South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
    1. GEFT (SAF): Goukou Estuary fish tracking Type=Tracker, Records=66, LastModified=2013-09-10
  26. DAL-DFO-BIO: Dalhousie and DFO, Bedford Institute of Oceanography Collaboration
    1. GDL: Glider Operations Type=Deployment, Records=18229, LastModified=2018-11-14
    2. SGS: OTN Canada Sable Island Grey Seal ... Type=Data, Records=717539, LastModified=2016-11-14
  27. DAL-OTN: Ocean Tracking Network
    1. FWS (NEP): OTN Canada Fraser River White Sturgeon ... Type=Data, Records=1632213, LastModified=2018-07-03
  28. DAL: Dalhousie University
    1. AMZRC: Amazing Race Lobster Tagging Type=Tracker, Records=38, LastModified=2015-11-09
    2. BOOCCSB: VR2W loaner used on SS Cool ... Type=Deployment, Records=908, LastModified=2018-11-20
    3. BOONWA: Buoys of Opportunity Northwest Atlantic Type=Deployment, Records=253, LastModified=2018-10-11
    4. BOOSJS: Buoys of Opportunity – Saint John ... Type=Deployment, Records=2569, LastModified=2018-12-18
    5. GEERG: St. Lawrence River Estuary Tag Release ... Type=Data, Records=138184, LastModified=2011-03-04
    6. GPZ: Gliderpalooza Type=Deployment, Records=223, LastModified=2016-10-20
    7. NSBS: OTN NS Blue Shark Tracking Type=Data, Records=938, LastModified=2018-07-05
    8. SIA: OTN Sable Island Array Type=Deployment, Records=1180, LastModified=2018-10-16
    9. WRS: NS Southern Upland Salmon Tagging Type=Data, Records=930430, LastModified=2014-03-11
  29. DEA: Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa
    1. DEASBT (SAF): Aliwal Shoal shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=44, LastModified=2016-04-18
  30. DESU: Delaware State University
    1. DAS: DSU: Atlantic sturgeon tagging Type=Tracker, Records=2, LastModified=2011-03-14
  31. DFO-BIO: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Bedford Institute of Oceanography
    1. BOO53N: Buoys of Opportunity - OSNAP 53N Type=Deployment, Records=329, LastModified=2017-05-04
    2. BOOABS: Buoys of Opportunity - Arctic Barrow ... Type=Deployment, Records=4, LastModified=2018-11-23
    3. HFX: OTN Halifax Line Type=Deployment, Records=522223, LastModified=2018-12-18
    4. IBFS: Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon Type=Data, Records=4472541, LastModified=2018-12-17
    5. JGS: DFO: Sable Island Greenland Sharks Type=Tracker, Records=10, LastModified=2012-09-27
    6. JPBS: DFO: Porbeagle and Blue Sharks Type=Tracker, Records=139, LastModified=2017-09-19
    7. LHV: LaHave River: Salmon tagging Type=Tracker, Records=60, LastModified=2013-07-30
    8. MARSS: Maritimes Region Atlantic salmon marine survival ... Type=Data, Records=1736336, LastModified=2019-01-15
    9. SABMPA: St. Anns Bank Species Tracking Study Type=Data, Records=120, LastModified=2018-08-30
    10. SMR: St. Mary's River Salmon Tracking Type=Data, Records=3038993, LastModified=2014-03-11
    11. WDG: Bay of Fundy: Spiny Dogfish Type=Tracker, Records=39, LastModified=2012-10-01
    12. ZSC: Scotian Shelf Snow Crab Tagging Type=Data, Records=1696, LastModified=2018-10-02
  32. DFO-GFC: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Gulf Fisheries Centre
    1. SPI: Shippagan, NB: Cod tagging Type=Tracker, Records=1045, LastModified=2015-10-13
  33. DFO-MLI: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Maurice Lamontagne Institute
    1. BOOGSL: Buoys Of Opportunity - Gulf of ... Type=Deployment, Records=52027, LastModified=2018-10-15
    2. CBS: OTN Cabot Strait Line Type=Deployment, Records=512309, LastModified=2019-01-15
    3. MCC: Gulf and 3Ps Atlantic Cod Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. V2LBDP: OTN VR2W Loan - Baie de ... Type=Data, Records=2739906, LastModified=2016-12-22
    5. V2LIDM: OTN VR2W Loan - Lobster movement ... Type=Data, Records=1673052, LastModified=2019-01-15
    6. V2LMAL: OTN VR2W Loan - Malpeque Bay ... Type=Data, Records=7431322, LastModified=2018-07-16
    7. V2LMAL1: OTN VR2W Loan - Malpeque Bay ... Type=Data, Records=1218021, LastModified=2017-03-24
    8. V2LRIC: OTN VR2W Loan - 2016 Malpeque ... Type=Data, Records=2223652, LastModified=2017-03-24
    9. V2LSTADC: OTN VR2W Loan - 2016 Doctors ... Type=Data, Records=11133055, LastModified=2019-01-15
    10. V2LSTANI: OTN VR2W Loan - 2016 Navy ... Type=Data, Records=10394645, LastModified=2018-07-16
  34. DFO-MR: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Maritimes Region
    1. BFTTAG: Estimating Bluefin tuna post release mortality, ... Type=Tracker, Records=106, LastModified=2018-12-11
  35. DFO-NAFC: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre
    1. BEFS: Baie d'Espoir Fjord Salmon Type=Data, Records=251641, LastModified=2014-03-11
    2. GBT: Gilbert Bay Telemetry Type=Data, Records=21878914, LastModified=2017-06-06
    3. JBC: DFO NE Newfoundland Acoustic Array and ... Type=Data, Records=6544225, LastModified=2014-09-29
    4. NLWF: Newfoundland Wolffish Type=Data, Records=140854, LastModified=2019-01-11
    5. PBGC: Placentia Bay Green Crab Type=Data, Records=495511, LastModified=2013-04-30
    6. TNC: Terra Nova National Park Cod Type=Data, Records=10513731, LastModified=2017-12-08
    7. TNS: Terra Nova National Park Sculpin Type=Data, Records=38938, LastModified=2013-05-07
  36. DFO-PBS: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Biological Station
    1. GDBT (NEP): Godbout Tags Type=Tracker, Records=50, LastModified=2012-06-07
    2. WOOD (NEP): Wood Tags Type=Tracker, Records=364, LastModified=2012-06-08
  37. DFO-SABS: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, St. Andrews Biological Station
    1. KEN: Kennebecasis Basin Salmon Tracking Type=Tracker, Records=8, LastModified=2013-07-30
    2. PBSM: Passamaquoddy Bay Salmon Tracking Type=Data, Records=380528, LastModified=2018-12-18
  38. DFO: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
    1. BALF (NEP): Balfry Tags Type=Tracker, Records=80, LastModified=2012-07-13
    2. BEAM (NEP): Beamish Tags Type=Tracker, Records=290, LastModified=2012-07-17
    3. BLCK (NEP): Block Tags Type=Tracker, Records=12, LastModified=2013-10-25
    4. MUSQMPA: Musquash MPA Receivers Type=Deployment, Records=4, LastModified=2018-08-28
  39. DICT: Dyer Island Conservation Trust
    1. DICTWS (SAF): Gansbaai white shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=42, LastModified=2017-10-19
  40. DTU: Technical University of Denmark
    1. BFTDK: Decadal tracking of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Type=Tracker, Records=4, LastModified=2019-01-03
  41. DWR: California Department of Water Resources
    1. ASGS (NEP): Potential Spawning Areas of Adult Green ... Type=Tracker, Records=68, LastModified=2018-06-11
  42. E

  43. ECPT: Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism
    1. DCDK (SAF): Dwesa Cwebe dusky kob tracking Type=Tracker, Records=38, LastModified=2014-08-28
  44. ECU: East Carolina University
    1. BOOOBC: Habitat use of coastal sharks in ... Type=Data, Records=23698, LastModified=2017-03-22
  45. EFWC: Eskasoni Fish and Wildlife Commission
    1. ESBT: EFWC striped bass tagging Type=Tracker, Records=10, LastModified=2014-03-04
  46. Emera: Emera Inc.
    1. V2LEMERA: OTN VR2W Loan - Emera Snow ... Type=Data, Records=15692005, LastModified=2018-05-22
  47. ESRF: Environmental Studies Research Fund
    1. BOOJAS: Assess ambient noise, man-made noise and ... Type=Data, Records=592, LastModified=2018-02-05
  48. F

  49. FAU: Florida Atlantic University
    1. BLKTP (FACT): Migration of Blacktip in the Western ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. FAUK (FACT): Blacktip migration Western Atlantic Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. FBLTP (FACT): Sexual segregation of the blacktip shark Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  50. Fins Attached: Fins Attached Marine Research and Conservation
    1. V2LCOCOS (NEP): Acoustic monitoring of threatened and endangered ... Type=Data, Records=210358, LastModified=2018-10-31
    2. V2LCOSTERO (NEP): Endangered species in the southern Nicoya ... Type=Data, Records=34, LastModified=2018-08-29
  51. FIU: Florida International University
    1. FIUARBR (FACT): FIUARBR Listening Stations Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. FIUARBT (FACT): FIUARBT Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. V2LCELA: OTN VR2W Loan - Coastal Everglades ... Type=Data, Records=499016, LastModified=2018-06-08
  52. FORCE: Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy
    1. BOOFORCE: OTN VR2W Loan - 2016 Fundy ... Type=Deployment, Records=17186, LastModified=2019-01-10
  53. FSU: Florida State University
    1. FSUGG (FACT): FSUGG Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  54. FURG: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande
    1. ELPBR (BRZ): Telemetria acústica no Estuario da Lagoa ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. TAMBR (BRZ): ZPVM na APA Costa dos Corais Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  55. FWC Marathon: FWCC-FWRI Marathon Keys Laboratory
    1. FLKEYS (FACT): Tracking movements of reef fish species ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. FLKEYST (FACT): FLKEYST Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  56. FWC: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
    1. FWCSAW (FACT): FWCSAW Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. V2LGMX: OTN VR2W Loan - Integrative Tracking ... Type=Data, Records=11158622, LastModified=2018-09-07
  57. FWRI-FWCC: Fish and Wildlife Research Institute / Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
    1. GGINEC (FACT): Habitat use and movement patterns of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. TQCS (FACT): TQCS Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  58. FWRI: Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
    1. COBCRP (FACT): Determining the stock boundary for cobia ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. TEQ (FACT): Tequesta Listening Stations Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. TQCSPP (FACT): Habitat utilization and resource partitioning of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. TQLMB (FACT): Habitat utilization and resource partioning of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  59. G

  60. GADNR: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
    1. GADNRTT (FACT): GADNRTT Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. GAOS (FACT): GAOS Listening Stations Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  61. GAI: Georgia Aquarium
    1. GAICFS (FACT): Movement of Manta Rays Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  62. GdQ: Gouvernement du Quebec
    1. LSB: St. Lawrence River Striped Bass Type=Data, Records=5787563, LastModified=2015-11-03
    2. QMS: Quebec MDDEFP Atlantic Sturgeon Tagging Type=Tracker, Records=180, LastModified=2015-09-09
    3. V2LVFS: OTN VR2W Loan - Vieux-Fort Salmon Type=Data, Records=14205, LastModified=2014-10-31
  63. GEOMAR: GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
    1. BOOGMR: Buoys of Opportunity - GEOMAR Type=Deployment, Records=44, LastModified=2019-01-15
  64. GLFC: Great Lakes Fisheries Commission
    1. SMRSL: St. Marys River Sea Lamprey Type=Data, Records=7707023, LastModified=2014-03-11
    2. V2LGLFC: OTN VR2W Loan - Lake Erie ... Type=Deployment, Records=1624234, LastModified=2015-01-05
  65. GMRC: Gespe'gewaq Mi'gmaq Resource Counci
    1. GMRCAE: American Eel within the Restigouche and ... Type=Tracker, Records=58, LastModified=2017-06-22
  66. H

  67. HAI-STFTNG: HAI-Stiftung Shark Foundation
    1. JLS: Lemon shark movements and migrations around ... Type=Data, Records=4160284, LastModified=2018-11-20
  68. HBOI: Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
    1. HBMOTE (FACT): Spotted Eagle Ray Movement Ecology Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. HBOI (FACT): Movement of Life Initiative - Tracking ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. HBOIRL (FACT): Assessing movement patterns in the southern ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. HBOSER (FACT): East Coast Spotted Eagle Ray Movement ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. HBSERC (FACT): Movement of Life Initiative - Tracking ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  69. HIFI: Hull International Fisheries Institiute
    1. V2LWATCH: OTN VR2W Loan - The Wash ... Type=Deployment, Records=29, LastModified=2016-08-19
  70. HMS: Hopkins Marine Station
    1. GLLY (NEP): Gilly Tags Type=Tracker, Records=48, LastModified=2012-06-08
  71. I

  72. INRS: Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique
    1. ISMRS: INRS Sainte-Marguerite River salmon Type=Tracker, Records=24, LastModified=2014-12-16
  73. IRD: Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
    1. IOA: OTN Indian Ocean Array Type=Deployment, Records=80151, LastModified=2018-02-09
  74. IRG: Inwater Research Group
    1. JTUR: Jupiter Inlet Green Turtle Telemetry Study Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. V2LBRTUR: Boca Raton Green Turtle Fishing Net ... Type=Data, Records=75890, LastModified=2018-12-05
    3. V2LHITUR: Hutchinson Island Power Plant Green Turtle ... Type=Data, Records=4, LastModified=2018-05-28
  75. J

  76. JU: Jacksonville University
    1. JUKSC (FACT): An examination of sharks utilizing the ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. V2LGA: VR2W Loan - Coastal Georgia Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  77. K

  78. KRS: Kintama Research Services
    1. BRKS (NEP): Brooks Peninsula Type=Deployment, Records=53839, LastModified=2012-11-30
    2. BURR (NEP): Burrard Inlet (Vancouver) Type=Deployment, Records=6103, LastModified=2012-09-14
    3. CAPL (NEP): Capilano Lake Type=Deployment, Records=166263, LastModified=2012-09-14
    4. CASC (NEP): Cascade Head, OR Type=Deployment, Records=42434, LastModified=2016-02-02
    5. CCS (NEP): Residence Time and Survival of Fraser ... Type=Data, Records=200, LastModified=2016-07-25
    6. CCSALMON (NEP): Mortality, Movements, and Migration Timing of ... Type=Data, Records=420757, LastModified=2018-12-20
    7. CHIT (NEP): Chittenden Tags Type=Tracker, Records=120, LastModified=2012-07-13
    8. COLR (NEP): Columbia River Type=Deployment, Records=2672909, LastModified=2018-04-04
    9. COQT (NEP): Coquitlam Lake Type=Deployment, Records=393594, LastModified=2014-03-12
    10. COWR (NEP): Cowichan River (Vancouver Island) Type=Deployment, Records=1133, LastModified=2012-09-14
    11. CPELIZ (NEP): Cape Elizabeth line Type=Deployment, Records=23276, LastModified=2014-03-12
    12. CULT (NEP): Cultus Lake Type=Deployment, Records=70, LastModified=2012-09-14
    13. ENGR (NEP): Englishman River (Vancouver Island) Type=Deployment, Records=13089, LastModified=2012-09-14
    14. FRASER (NEP): Fraser River (BC) Type=Deployment, Records=757815, LastModified=2018-04-20
    15. GRAVES (NEP): Graves Harbor Icy Strait Type=Deployment, Records=1435, LastModified=2018-04-04
    16. HOWE (NEP): Howe Sound (Vancouver) Type=Deployment, Records=54734, LastModified=2012-11-30
    17. INDARM (NEP): Indian Arm (Vancouver) Type=Deployment, Records=325, LastModified=2014-03-13
    18. KEOG (NEP): Keogh River Type=Deployment, Records=375203, LastModified=2014-03-12
    19. KNTM (NEP): Kintama 2004-2011 tags Type=Tracker, Records=20722, LastModified=2012-08-14
    20. KRS (NEP): Kintama Research Services: Seymour River steelhead ... Type=Tracker, Records=150, LastModified=2016-01-28
    21. KRSPSF (NEP): Kintama Research Services Loan to Pacific ... Type=Deployment, Records=2220, LastModified=2019-01-08
    22. LIPPY (NEP): Lippy Point (W Vancouver Island) Type=Deployment, Records=336235, LastModified=2018-04-04
    23. NIMR (NEP): Nimpkish River (Vancouver Island) Type=Deployment, Records=226686, LastModified=2012-11-30
    24. OSS (NEP): Exposure of Free-Ranging Salmon Smolts to ... Type=Deployment, Records=15670, LastModified=2018-12-13
    25. POSS (NEP): Possession Sound Type=Deployment, Records=3558, LastModified=2014-01-17
    26. SALMR (NEP): Salmon River (Vancouver Island) Type=Deployment, Records=2605, LastModified=2012-09-14
    27. SEYMR (NEP): Seymour River (Vancouver) Type=Deployment, Records=13541, LastModified=2014-03-12
    28. SKEENA (NEP): Skeena River, AK Type=Deployment, Records=157083, LastModified=2014-03-13
    29. SSOG (NEP): Southern Strait of Georgia Type=Deployment, Records=139479, LastModified=2014-03-12
    30. WILL (NEP): Willapa Bay, OR Type=Deployment, Records=159041, LastModified=2018-04-04
  79. KSC: Kennedy Space Center
    1. KSCETM (FACT): Life history of aquatic animals Cape ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  80. KZNSB-OTN: KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board and Ocean Tracking Network
    1. V2LKZNSB (SAF): The occurrence and movement patterns of ... Type=Data, Records=3454, LastModified=2017-02-23
  81. KZNSB: KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board
    1. KZNSB (SAF): KZNSB fish tracking Type=Tracker, Records=44, LastModified=2014-08-28
  82. L

  83. LGL: LGL Limited
    1. ROBID (NEP): Robichaud sturgeon Type=Data, Records=684657, LastModified=2014-03-13
  84. M

  85. MASS-DMF: Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
    1. CHARLS: Acoustic telemetry in American Shad Type=Data, Records=216, LastModified=2016-11-21
  86. MCG: Mi'kmaw Conservation Group
    1. MCGTOMCOD: Shubenacadie River Monitoring Project: Tomcod Type=Data, Records=6667, LastModified=2018-05-29
  87. ME DMR-BSRFH: Maine, Department of Marine Resources, Bureau of Sea Run Fisheries and Habitat
    1. MCS: Maine DMR: Coastal rivers Adult Salmon ... Type=Tracker, Records=60, LastModified=2013-07-30
  88. MMF: Marine Megafauna Foundation
    1. MRMR (SAF): Mozambique reef manta ray Type=Tracker, Records=36, LastModified=2014-08-28
    2. V2LMOZ (SAF): Mitigating the risk of shark attack ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  89. MMF: Massachusetts Marine Fisheries
    1. MMFSRP: MA Marine Fisheries Shark Research Program Type=Data, Records=2390, LastModified=2018-09-12
    2. MMFSTS: MMF Sand Tiger Sharks Type=Tracker, Records=130, LastModified=2014-02-25
  90. MOTE: Mote Marine Laboratory
    1. MOTSER (FACT): MOTSER Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  91. MSA: Margaree Salmon Association
    1. MSA: Margaree Salmon Association Type=Data, Records=24, LastModified=2012-02-09
  92. MSS: Marine Scotland Science
    1. V2LIMFSTP: OTN VR2AR Loan - Marine Scotland ... Type=Data, Records=1484215, LastModified=2019-01-15
  93. MUN: Memorial University of Newfoundland
    1. IFC: Ian Fleming Cod Tagging Type=Tracker, Records=160, LastModified=2012-09-24
    2. IFS1: OTN Canada Atlantic Salmon Smolt DST ... Type=Tracker, Records=430, LastModified=2013-07-30
    3. IFS2: OTN Canada Atlantic Salmon Kelt DST ... Type=Tracker, Records=189, LastModified=2013-07-30
    4. IFS3: Salmonids in the north Type=Data, Records=2399832, LastModified=2017-06-21
  94. N

  95. NASA-BOEM: National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
    1. KSC: KSC Ecological Program and US NUWC ... Type=Tracker, Records=1099, LastModified=2015-02-26
  96. NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    1. KSC (FACT): Sportfish, Sharks, and Sea Turtles at ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. USNKSC (FACT): Natural Habitat Associations and the Effects ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  97. NCF: New College of Florida
    1. BTSNP: Natal philopatry in blacktip sharks Type=Data, Records=215870, LastModified=2019-01-07
  98. NCSU: North Carolina State University
    1. CMAST (FACT): CMAST Listening Stations Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. NCCOBIA (FACT): NCCOBIA Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  99. NIT: Nisqually Indian Tribe
    1. HODG (NEP): Hodgson Tags Type=Tracker, Records=266, LastModified=2012-07-17
  100. NMMU: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
    1. TZWS (SAF): Thresher, zambezi, and white shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=51, LastModified=2016-12-06
  101. NOAA NCCOS: NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
    1. NOAASARI (FACT): NOAASARI Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. NOAASARIR (FACT): NOAASARIR Listening Stations Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  102. NOAA NOS: NOAA National Ocean Service
    1. GRNMSTAG (FACT): GRNMS Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  103. NOAA-NCCOS: NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
    1. GRNMS (FACT): Connectivity of Gray's Reef National Marine ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. NOAANERR (FACT): Fish Telemetry at Rookery Bay Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. ROOKNERR (FACT): Fish Telemetry at Rookery Bay Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  104. NOAA-NMFS-NEFSC: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service, Northeast Fisheries Science Center U Maine: University of Maine
    1. BOONSW: Buoys of Opportunity - NOAA Salmon ... Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. GMEN: Gulf of Maine Estuary Network Type=Data, Records=473907, LastModified=2019-01-11
    3. GMG: Gulf of Maine NEFSC NERACOOS-GoMOOS Buoys Type=Data, Records=48065, LastModified=2019-01-15
    4. HGN: NEFSC Gray Seal Distribution in US ... Type=Tracker, Records=38, LastModified=2018-02-16
    5. KNE: NOAA Kennebec Salmon Tracking Type=Tracker, Records=200, LastModified=2016-02-01
    6. PBN: NOAA Penobscot Salmon Tracking Type=Data, Records=213829, LastModified=2016-02-01
  105. NOAA-NWFSC: Northwest Fisheries Science Center NOAA
    1. ADM (NEP): Admiralty Inlet Puget Sound Type=Data, Records=78192, LastModified=2014-07-02
    2. ANDRW (NEP): Andrews Tags Type=Tracker, Records=391, LastModified=2013-09-09
    3. BRJKN (NEP): Berejikian Tags Type=Tracker, Records=100, LastModified=2012-06-08
    4. LEE (NEP): Lee Tags Type=Tracker, Records=96, LastModified=2012-07-17
    5. MMS (NEP): Moore Tags Type=Data, Records=94344, LastModified=2018-09-27
    6. MOSER (NEP): Moser Tags Type=Tracker, Records=118, LastModified=2012-07-17
    7. MRS (NEP): Rub Tags Type=Tracker, Records=200, LastModified=2012-06-08
    8. PSL (NEP): US West Coast Sea Lions Type=Data, Records=10355, LastModified=2014-07-28
  106. NOAA-PMEL: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
    1. BOOPIRATA: Buoys of Opportunity - PIRATA Type=Deployment, Records=162, LastModified=2019-01-11
    2. BOORAMA: Buoys of Opportunity - RAMA Type=Deployment, Records=113, LastModified=2019-01-04
  107. NOAA-SWFSC: Southwest Fisheries Science Center NOAA
    1. LIND (NEP): Lindley Tags Type=Tracker, Records=216, LastModified=2012-07-17
    2. MACFL (NEP): Macfarlane Tags Type=Tracker, Records=4514, LastModified=2012-06-08
    3. REYES (NEP): Point Reyes Type=Deployment, Records=33639, LastModified=2016-02-02
  108. NOAA: National Marine Fisheries Service
    1. NARR: Characterizing the behavior and survival of ... Type=Tracker, Records=404, LastModified=2017-08-24
  109. NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    1. MCR (NEP): Investigation of Dredged Sediment Deposition Events ... Type=Data, Records=1671379, LastModified=2018-06-28
  110. NOC: National Oceanography Center
    1. BOOPAP: Buoys of Opportunity - Porcupine Abyssal ... Type=Deployment, Records=3, LastModified=2018-10-04
  111. NRS: Natural Resource Scientists, Inc.
    1. VOGL (NEP): Vogel Tags Type=Tracker, Records=188, LastModified=2012-07-17
  112. NS Fisheries: Nova Scotia, Fisheries and Aquaculture
    1. ABC: West River, Sheet Harbour, Brook Trout Type=Tracker, Records=84, LastModified=2012-09-27
    2. ANT: Sea-Run Brook Trout, Antigonish Harbour, NS ... Type=Data, Records=362470, LastModified=2014-10-09
  113. NTNU: Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    1. RNP: NTNU River Nidelva Project Type=Data, Records=3589937, LastModified=2017-12-13
    2. V2LCHASES: Consequences of land-use change and human ... Type=Data, Records=1524549, LastModified=2017-12-13
    3. V2LNR: OTN VR2W Loan - Norway Type=Data, Records=7968877, LastModified=2017-11-10
  114. O

  115. OCEARCH: OCEARCH Ocean Research
    1. OCRSA (SAF): OCEARCH shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=174, LastModified=2016-12-07
  116. ODFW: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
    1. ERKSN (NEP): Erickson Tags Type=Tracker, Records=116, LastModified=2012-07-17
    2. HERG (NEP): Hering Tags Type=Tracker, Records=214, LastModified=2012-07-17
    3. PGS (NEP): Migration and Habitat Use of Green ... Type=Data, Records=759678, LastModified=2016-02-02
  117. OMNRF: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
    1. BQEEL: Bay of Quinte Eel Tracking Type=Tracker, Records=402, LastModified=2018-01-10
  118. ORI: Oceanographic Research Institute
    1. IWP (SAF): IWP fish tracking Type=Tracker, Records=136, LastModified=2017-10-19
    2. ORI (SAF): ORI Type=Tracker, Records=24, LastModified=2017-10-20
  119. OSU: Oregon State University
    1. ALFA (NEP): Oregon State University - Hatfield Marine ... Type=Data, Records=66, LastModified=2016-03-16
    2. ALSEA (NEP): ALSEA Type=Deployment, Records=69408, LastModified=2014-01-17
    3. NOAK (NEP): Noakes Tags Type=Tracker, Records=328, LastModified=2012-06-08
  120. OTN: Ocean Tracking Network
    1. BDK: Overwinter biology, migrations, and carryover effects ... Type=Tracker, Records=222, LastModified=2016-12-20
    2. BOODUNC: Buoys of Opportunity - Bay Tender ... Type=Deployment, Records=6, LastModified=2017-08-22
    3. BOOJAY: Buoys of Opportunity - DFO NW ... Type=Deployment, Records=2994, LastModified=2018-04-02
    4. DPW: Darren Porter Bay of Fundy Weir ... Type=Data, Records=227019, LastModified=2018-12-18
    5. JDF (NEP): OTN Strait of Juan de Fuca ... Type=Deployment, Records=759927, LastModified=2019-01-04
    6. KERG: Kerguelen Brown Trout Tracking Type=Data, Records=184571, LastModified=2018-06-08
    7. MFAL: Movement patterns of American lobsters in ... Type=Data, Records=100, LastModified=2018-01-19
    8. NSOG (NEP): OTN Northern Strait of Georgia Line Type=Deployment, Records=1067223, LastModified=2019-01-03
    9. NSTR: NSTR - Atlantic Torpedo Ray Tracking Type=Data, Records=12660, LastModified=2019-01-15
    10. QCS (NEP): OTN Queen Charlotte Strait Line Type=Deployment, Records=204074, LastModified=2019-01-04
    11. V2LCV: OTN VR2W Loan - Cabo Verde: ... Type=Data, Records=953, LastModified=2017-05-12
    12. V2LSCF: OTN VR2AR Loan - Snow Crab ... Type=Deployment, Records=4438422, LastModified=2018-09-12
  121. P

  122. PacIOOS: Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System
    1. HWI (NEP): OTN Hawaii Array Type=Data, Records=185083, LastModified=2019-01-09
  123. PC-FNP: Parks Canada, Fundy National Park
    1. FPS: Inner Bay of Fundy Salmon Tracking Type=Tracker, Records=88, LastModified=2012-03-26
  124. PPPTC: Passamaquoddy Pleasant Point Tribal Council
    1. V2LPMQ: OTN VR2W Loan - Alewife Migration ... Type=Data, Records=11923, LastModified=2019-01-11
  125. PSE: Puget Sound Energy
    1. VRTT (NEP): Verretto Tags Type=Tracker, Records=162, LastModified=2012-06-08
  126. PSF: Pacific Salmon Federation
    1. V4LPSF (NEP): OTN V4L Loan - Pacific Salmon ... Type=Deployment, Records=42499, LastModified=2019-01-08
  127. PTI: Puyallup Tribe of Indians
    1. BRGR (NEP): Berger Tags Type=Tracker, Records=132, LastModified=2012-06-08
  128. PWSSC: Prince William Sound Science Center
    1. GRAVN (NEP): Port Gravina (Prince William Sound, AK) Type=Deployment, Records=965125, LastModified=2014-03-13
    2. MBL (NEP): Bishop Tags Type=Tracker, Records=44, LastModified=2012-06-08
    3. PWS (NEP): OTN Prince William Sound Array Type=Deployment, Records=352318, LastModified=2019-01-07
    4. PWSHNB (NEP): HINCHINBROOK Type=Deployment, Records=1189993, LastModified=2014-03-13
    5. PWSPC (NEP): PWSSC Pacific Cod Type=Tracker, Records=250, LastModified=2015-05-08
    6. PWSPH (NEP): PWSSC Pacific Herring Type=Tracker, Records=790, LastModified=2018-05-09
  129. R

  130. Rhodes U: Rhodes University
    1. POZS (SAF): Ponta do Ouro zambezi shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=82, LastModified=2016-12-07
    2. V2LANG: OTN VR2W Loan - Angola Type=Data, Records=1391787, LastModified=2017-09-28
  131. RSMAS-UMiami: Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
    1. V2LURB: OTN VR2W Loan - Miami & ... Type=Data, Records=216055, LastModified=2019-01-14
  132. S

  133. SAIAB: South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity
    1. SAF (SAF): OTN South African Array Type=Deployment, Records=2278404, LastModified=2017-10-21
    2. SAIAB (SAF): SAIAB fish tracking Type=Tracker, Records=605, LastModified=2016-12-07
  134. SASC: South African Shark Conservancy
    1. BRFT (SAF): Breede River fish tracking Type=Tracker, Records=116, LastModified=2016-12-07
    2. SASC (SAF): SASC Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  135. SBI: SmartBay Ireland
    1. BOOSBI: Buoys of Opportunity - SmartBay Ireland Type=Deployment, Records=14, LastModified=2017-06-16
  136. SCDNR: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
    1. SCARE (FACT): SCARE Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. SCARET (FACT): SCARET Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. SCDNRBON (FACT): Seasonal movement of bonnethead sharks, Sphyrna ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    4. SCDNRBTP (FACT): Post-release survival of Blacktip sharks Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    5. SCDNRTIG (FACT): Movement and habitat utilization patterns of ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    6. SCSOFL (FACT): SCSOFL Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  137. SCL: Seattle City Light
    1. CNNR (NEP): Connor Tags Type=Tracker, Records=764, LastModified=2014-12-15
    2. PFLG (NEP): Pflug Tags Type=Tracker, Records=614, LastModified=2013-01-09
  138. Shark Spotters: Shark Spotters
    1. SSST (SAF): Shark Spotters shark tracking Type=Tracker, Records=95, LastModified=2016-12-07
  139. SHG: The Silent Hunter Group, Inc
    1. V2LAND: Tracking the critically endangered smalltooth sawfish Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  140. SIMS: Sydney Institute of Marine Science
    1. BST: OTN Bass Strait Array Type=Data, Records=2459, LastModified=2017-09-05
  141. SIT: Squaxin Island Tribe
    1. SQICOHO (NEP): Squaxin Island Tribe Peale Passage Netpen ... Type=Tracker, Records=200, LastModified=2017-09-19
  142. SoMAS: School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University
    1. FDT: Frisk and Dunton Tags Type=Tracker, Records=2, LastModified=2014-02-10
  143. SSS: Seymour Salmonid Society
    1. VNCNT (NEP): Vincent Tags Type=Tracker, Records=640, LastModified=2012-06-08
  144. St And: University of St. Andrews
    1. LESPUR: Spatial Ecology of spurdog (Squalus acanthias) ... Type=Data, Records=772453, LastModified=2018-10-17
  145. Stanford U: Stanford University
    1. ACSK (NEP): Carlisle Tags Type=Tracker, Records=49, LastModified=2012-06-08
    2. PWSSHK (NEP): Prince William Sound salmon sharks Type=Deployment, Records=110287, LastModified=2014-03-13
    3. TAG: Tag-A-Giant Type=Tracker, Records=281, LastModified=2017-05-01
  146. Swansea U: Swansea University
    1. V2LFALK: Brown trout in the Falkland Islands Type=Data, Records=62, LastModified=2018-11-21
  147. T

  148. TAMU: Harte Research Institute-Texas A&M; University
    1. TAMUARR (FACT): TAMUARR Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. TAMUTAG (FACT): TAMUTAG Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  149. TAU: Tel Aviv University
    1. PIUI: Spatio-temporal habitat partitioning between lionfish species ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. SCIUI: Stress On the Reef Type=Data, Records=532341, LastModified=2017-08-15
    3. SIUI: Marine invasive species: Eilat, Gulf of ... Type=Data, Records=1272411, LastModified=2017-03-23
    4. SMED: Sdot Yam, Haifa District: The ... Type=Data, Records=1820438, LastModified=2018-07-16
  150. TOA: Two Oceans Aquarium
    1. TOA (SAF): Raggedtooth shark (Carcharias taurus) tracking by ... Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  151. U

  152. U Laval: University of Laval
    1. JDE: OTN Canada American Eel Tracking Type=Data, Records=695749, LastModified=2015-11-19
  153. U Maine: University of Maine
    1. GMS: Gulf of Maine Sturgeon Type=Tracker, Records=892, LastModified=2017-06-05
  154. U Miami: University of Miami
    1. V2LUMI: OTN VR2W Loan - Bahamas Tiger ... Type=Data, Records=225735, LastModified=2018-11-20
  155. U Windsor: University of Windsor
    1. ABO: Tracking Greenland halibut in Offshore Baffin ... Type=Data, Records=29151, LastModified=2018-05-17
    2. ACB: Integrating acoustic telemetry and genomics to ... Type=Data, Records=2712723, LastModified=2018-12-20
    3. ACS: OTN Arctic Cumberland Sound Array Type=Data, Records=2356049, LastModified=2017-06-19
    4. ALS: OTN Arctic Lancaster Sound Array Type=Data, Records=34668376, LastModified=2018-07-16
    5. ANL: Arctic Nettling Lake Type=Data, Records=4297708, LastModified=2019-01-07
    6. ASI: OTN Arctic Scott Inlet Array Type=Data, Records=1135587, LastModified=2018-06-26
    7. QIK: Habitat connectivity of Greenland halibut and ... Type=Data, Records=7968, LastModified=2018-06-28
  156. UAc: Universidade dos Açores
    1. AZR: OTN Azores Array Type=Data, Records=323510, LastModified=2018-05-24
  157. UB: Universidad de Barcelona
    1. SGB: OTN Strait of Gibraltar Line Type=Deployment, Records=336642, LastModified=2013-08-16
  158. UBC: University of British Columbia
    1. HNCH (NEP): Hinch Tags Type=Tracker, Records=392, LastModified=2012-06-08
    2. PSS1 (NEP): OTN Canada Pacific Sockeye Salmon Tagging ... Type=Tracker, Records=800, LastModified=2011-03-14
    3. PSS2 (NEP): OTN Canada Pacific Sockeye Salmon Tagging ... Type=Data, Records=1496201, LastModified=2018-08-31
    4. RABY (NEP): Raby Coho Salmon Tagging Type=Tracker, Records=840, LastModified=2015-05-12
  159. UCDavis: University of California Davis
    1. KLIM (NEP): Klimley Tags Type=Tracker, Records=835, LastModified=2014-11-17
    2. YOLO (NEP): Evaluation of Floodplain Rearing and Migration ... Type=Tracker, Records=248, LastModified=2016-08-26
    3. YRK (NEP): Northern DPS and Southern DPS Green ... Type=Tracker, Records=90, LastModified=2012-08-29
  160. UCF: University of Central Florida
    1. DRMUCF: Assessing the role of estuarine impoundments ... Type=Tracker, Records=60, LastModified=2017-11-09
    2. MULUCF (FACT): MULUCF Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    3. V2LDRUM: Assessing the role of estuarine impoundments ... Type=Deployment, Records=2025972, LastModified=2018-11-30
  161. UDEL: University of Delaware
    1. OBAS: Acoustic transmitter detections in the coastal ... Type=Deployment, Records=2712, LastModified=2016-11-10
    2. SSTDEL: Atlantic Sturgeon and Sand Tiger Acoustic ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  162. UF: University of Florida
    1. UFRA (FACT): UFRA Receivers Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. UFRATAG (FACT): UFRA Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  163. UFL: University of Florida Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
    1. V2LGMXSNAP: Post-release Mortality of Eastern Gulf of ... Type=Data, Records=47202915, LastModified=2019-01-15
  164. UFPE: Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
    1. V2LTAMS: Effectiveness of a no-take zone Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  165. UFRPE: Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco
    1. AFN (BRZ): Shark monitoring program of Fernando de ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  166. UMASS: University of Massachusetts Amherst
    1. BTTTAR (FACT): BTTTAR Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  167. UNB-F: University of New Brunswick - Fredericton
    1. CASSB: UNB Atlantic sturgeon and striped bass ... Type=Data, Records=10225817, LastModified=2018-12-18
    2. CBT: Movements of Brown Trout in the ... Type=Tracker, Records=28, LastModified=2018-04-05
  168. UNC Institute of Marine Science: University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Science
    1. UNC1 (FACT): UNC1 Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. UNCNCS (FACT): UNCNCS Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  169. UNF: University of North Florida
    1. BOOUNF: Buoys of Opportunity - UNF Type=Deployment, Records=8, LastModified=2014-12-15
  170. UNH: University of New Hampshire
    1. V2LWNERR: Movement ecology of invasive green crabs ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  171. UPEI: University of Prince Edward Island
    1. RRT: PEI Rainbow Trout Tracking Type=Data, Records=348, LastModified=2016-11-23
  172. USACE: US Army Corps of Engineers|USACE|Army Corp of Engineers
    1. GOETZ (NEP): Goetz Tags Type=Tracker, Records=1052, LastModified=2012-08-29
  173. USBR: US Bureau of Reclamation
    1. RCS (NEP): Chase Tags Type=Tracker, Records=20, LastModified=2012-06-08
  174. USF: University of South Florida
    1. VMLUSF: OTN VMT Loan - USF Type=Deployment, Records=180, LastModified=2017-05-09
  175. USFWS: US Fish and Wildlife Service
    1. CONRH: Movement of Alewife in the Concord ... Type=Tracker, Records=360, LastModified=2018-08-29
    2. GUIL (NEP): Guillen Tags Type=Tracker, Records=48, LastModified=2012-07-17
    3. NULLR (NEP): Null Tags Type=Tracker, Records=958, LastModified=2012-06-08
    4. SHAW (NEP): Shaw Tags Type=Tracker, Records=2, LastModified=2012-07-17
  176. USGS: U.S. Geological Survey
    1. PBU: USGS: Salmon tagging Type=Tracker, Records=6435, LastModified=2017-11-14
    2. ROMINE (NEP): Long term migration patterns of green ... Type=Data, Records=87, LastModified=2014-04-30
  177. UVic: University of Victoria
    1. BOOONC (NEP): Buoys of Opportunity - ONC Type=Deployment, Records=3224, LastModified=2018-10-31
    2. PCA: Pirenne Cabled Arrays Type=Deployment, Records=76583, LastModified=2014-10-08
    3. VIP (NEP): VENUS Node Type=Deployment, Records=3714, LastModified=2011-03-14
  178. UWA: Underwater Africa
    1. V2LMZBS (SAF): Bazaruto Archipelago National Park Bull Shark ... Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  179. UWash: University of Washington
    1. BOODST: Buoys of Opportunity - Davis Strait ... Type=Data, Records=2597, LastModified=2018-02-20
    2. ESS (NEP): Essington Tags Type=Tracker, Records=103, LastModified=2012-07-17
    3. MLNCHK (NEP): Effects of ultraviolet radiation exposure on ... Type=Tracker, Records=1272, LastModified=2012-06-08
  180. V

  181. VanAqua: Vancouver Aquarium
    1. PTATK (NEP): Point Atkinson Type=Deployment, Records=36, LastModified=2012-09-14
    1. VTB: Vemco Receiver Test Bed Type=Deployment, Records=221, LastModified=2017-12-14
  183. VIMS: Virginia Institute of Marine Science
    1. VIMCHES (FACT): VIMCHES Array Type=Deployment, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
    2. VIMCOB (FACT): VIMCOB Tags Type=Tracker, Records=NA, LastModified=NA
  184. W

  185. WA Fish-CSIRO: Western Australia Dept of Fisheries, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
    1. GWS: WAFish/CSIRO Type=Tracker, Records=10, LastModified=2011-03-17
    2. SBT: CSIRO: SBT tagging Type=Tracker, Records=240, LastModified=2013-07-30
  186. WA Fish: Western Australia Dept of Fisheries
    1. CCK: Cockburn Sound WA Type=Tracker, Records=80, LastModified=2011-03-14
    2. PLT: WA Fisheries: Tailor tag releases Type=Tracker, Records=16, LastModified=2011-03-14
    3. PRT: OTN Perth Line Type=Deployment, Records=92211, LastModified=2017-06-07
    4. WST: WAF Shark Tracking Type=Data, Records=123, LastModified=2015-09-10
    1. DION (NEP): Dionne Tags Type=Tracker, Records=620, LastModified=2013-08-13
  188. WWS: Willowbrook Watershed Services
    1. WBKOR: Atlantic Salmon Survival and Movement in ... Type=Data, Records=219, LastModified=2018-10-10
  189. Z

  190. ZSL: Zoological Society of London
    1. V2LCASP: Canaries Angel Shark Project Type=Data, Records=NA, LastModified=NA