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The Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS is an 'open-access' database first developed by the Census of Marine Life (CoML) in 1997 to help facilitate global enfranchisement of data within the scientific community. In 2009 OBIS was adopted by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC), as one of its activities under the International Oceanographic Data Exchange (IODE) programme. Any organization, consortium, project or individual may contribute to OBIS.

Below are OTN collections where data owners (i.e. principal investigator) have permitted animal release metadata to be harvested and displayed by OBIS. Clicking the ‘OBIS’ icon navigates you directly to the relevant data on OBIS. Conversely OBIS users may navigate directly to relevant data on OTN by clicking the Dataset Description to open the data summary, clicking the ‘i’ icon to open the OBIS collection metadata, and then clicking the ‘Website’ link. OTN tag detections data are obtained via the ‘Related URLs’ section of the OTN metadata page. This may require a OTN username and password as well as permission from the data owner. Data owners email address is obtained clicking on the names listed in ‘Scientific Contacts’ section of the OTN metadata page.

Published to OBIS:

  1. West River, Sheet Harbour, Brook Trout obislogo.jpg
  2. OTN Bras d'Or Lakes Array obislogo.jpg
  3. Essington Tags obislogo.jpg
  4. Frobisher Bay, Canada obislogo.jpg
  5. Gilbert Bay Telemetry obislogo.jpg
  6. Goukou Estuary fish tracking obislogo.jpg
  7. Hinch Tags obislogo.jpg
  8. Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon obislogo.jpg
  9. DFO NE Newfoundland Acoustic Array and ... obislogo.jpg
  10. DFO: Porbeagle and Blue Sharks obislogo.jpg
  11. Kintama 2004-2011 tags obislogo.jpg
  12. Macfarlane Tags obislogo.jpg
  13. Maine DMR: Coastal rivers Adult Salmon ... obislogo.jpg
  14. Effects of ultraviolet radiation exposure on ... obislogo.jpg
  15. Noakes Tags obislogo.jpg
  16. OTN NS Blue Shark Tracking obislogo.jpg
  17. Nova Scotia Power obislogo.jpg
  18. Ponta do Ouro zambezi shark tracking obislogo.jpg
  19. OTN Canada Pacific Sockeye Salmon Tagging ... obislogo.jpg
  20. Raby Coho Salmon Tagging obislogo.jpg
  21. OTN Canada Sable Island Grey Seal ... obislogo.jpg
  22. St. Mary's River Salmon Tracking obislogo.jpg
  23. Shippagan, NB: Cod tagging obislogo.jpg
  24. Shark Spotters shark tracking obislogo.jpg
  25. Bay of Fundy: Spiny Dogfish obislogo.jpg
  26. NS Southern Upland Salmon Tagging obislogo.jpg