Documented Data Updates

Documented Data Updates per data version.

Data Version 1.0, February 15, 2012

Modified fields/tables/data:
ALL - removed many raw data tables from push (i.e. in otnunit but not otn)

Modified functions:
public - removed six otnddm owned functions (to model schema, only in otnunit)

Existing Schemas additional data:
ANT - 2010/2011 sentinel; metadata
ASF - mission reports, tag & rcvr metadata
CBS - downloads and rcvr extension
GDL - rcvr metadata
HFX - final station locations, downloads, Nov rcvr extension
JDE - 2011 sentinel
MPD - tag meta; fixing hours rcvr meta
NSP - fixing hours rcvr meta
OBIS - otn_resources, otn_resources_contacts (fixes and additions)
PRT - fixing hours rcvr meta
SAF - rcvr meta
WRS - 2009 download; fixing hours rcvr meta

New roles, schemas, data:
AZR - planned stations
SMR - 2010-2011 tags, rcvr meta, detections

New Table:
All schemas - split transmitters from moorings to otn_transmitters(though still inherits obis.moorings)

New Type:
public - otn_stn_year, otn_stn_month

Geoserver Data_Dir Update: YES

Data Version 1.1, April 9, 2012

Modified fields/tables/data:
All - updated stn/rcvr missing depths
All - updated and added constraint for wild_ind (otn_animals)

Modified functions:

Existing Schemas additional data:
ACS - rcvr 2010, tag meta 2011, rec/down meta 2011, stns/dep meta 2012, det 2011, det processing/false marking, sentinel 2012, vmt 2012
ALS - fix tag lats, stns/dep meta/tag meta 2011, det processing
ANT - tag meta, missions 2010/11, sentinel 2011, det 2011, det processing
ASF - move MSA
AZR - stn chk, mission/dep meta
BDL - dep meta 2011
BST - dep meta 2012
CBS - move MSA, det processing
FRO - update end dates
GDL - mission reports
GMG - det/sensor processing
HFX - dep meta 2011, det 2011/12, stn status update, det processing, adcp miss/dep 2011
JBC - det processing
JDE - mission/rcvr/tag 2011, det processing, sentinel tag det, update end dates
LHV - update end dates
MCS - update end dates
MPD - det processing, update end dates
MPS - recov/down 2011, det 2011, det processing
MSA - move tags from ASF to MSA
NSP - miss/recov/dep/tag 2011, test tags meta, det processing, CPOD rolover, update end dates
OBIS - new scientificname(s), otn_resources_contacts added fields
PBN - update end dates
PBU - update end dates, check det processing
PLT - fix model transmitters
PSS1 - update end dates
PSS2 - tag meta, fix model transmitters, update end dates
SGS - stn rec for each rcvr; rec 2011; sentinel stns
SMR - det processing
TAG - tag meta
WDG - update end dates
WRS - fix time/stns, newer det 2009

New roles, schemas, data:
FPS - Inner Bay of Fundy Salmon Tracking: PC-FNP (tag meta 2011)
IBFS - Minas Passage Rod Bradford (rcvr/tag meta)
RRT - Investigating the migratory behavior of steelhead rainbow trout  (Oncoryhnchus mykiss) on Prince Edward Island(tag meta)
VCR - Vancouver-Northern Strait of Georgia  (miss/dep/det)

Geoserver Data_Dir Update: YES -> But Marta will do so manually

Data Version 1.2, May 11, 2012

Existing Schemas additional data:
ACS - fixed instrument model
ANT - process sensor detections
HFX - load and process sensor/sentinel detections
GMG - 2011 deploy
MPS - found receiver/detections
NSP - found receiver/detections; fixed rec serial num
WRS - process sensor detections

New Table:
POKM Objects (mv_anm_xxxx) in schemas:

Data Version 1.3, July 11, 2012

Modified fields/tables/data:
All - expand otn_animals for new morphology columns
All - added lat/lon constraints to moorings, otn_transmitters, otn_animals, otn_detections
All - instrument model and types
All - mystery tag query rewrite
OBIS - name field dropped otn_resources_contacts, GLOBAL implemented otn_resources

Modified functions:

Existing Schemas additional data:
ANT - 2012 Stns, rcvr, mission
ASF - 2012 tag
CBS - 2012 mission
FPS - age and lifestage update
HFX - 2011/12 mission reports, ADCP & BP models updates, one det file, false processing
IBFS - detections
JDE - lost det, tag 2011, match detections, satellite detections
MPD - stn/rcvr 2012
MPS - miss/stn/rcvr 2012, found station/detect
NSP - miss/stn/rcvr 2012
PBN - tag 2012
PRT - det 2011, build missions from rcvr
PSS2 - update enddates in otn_transmitters
SGS - tag 2012, sentinel 2011
SMRSL - stn/rcvr/tag 2012
WRS - sentinel

New roles, schemas, data:
BooGLS - Buoys Of Opportunity - Gulf of St. Lawrence (Stns, Deploy)
LSB - St. Lawrence River Striped Bass (tags)
RNP - NTNU  Project: Migration of anadromous brown trout between river and fjord, Nidelva, Norway (stn/rcvr)
SGB - Strait of Gibraltar (miss/stn/rcvr/sentinel)
V2LNR - Norway V2 loan:Sea trout and the coastal marine ecosystem (stn/rcvr)

Data Version 1.4 , September 12, 2012

Modified fields/tables/data:
All - updated acoustic release models (per new obis.releases table FK)
All - set NOT USED where acoustic releases were NOT USED (e.g. divers)
ASF - corrected for sentinel tags (were not labelled as sentinel)
GDL - instrument type/model updated
HFX - recover dates updated; removed no longer planned stations (257+)
JBC - a few receiver/tag deploy/release longitude/the_geom fixes
JDE - some transmitter fieldnumbers and some detection collectornumber/fieldnumber fixes
OBIS - institutioncodes - add field website
OBIS - otn_resources - add field datacentre, add two new series (TEST, UNAFFILLIATED), and updated website entries
PLT - animal lengths and life expentancy fixes
SGB/ACS - fixed DST tilt (instrument model)

Existing Schemas additional data:
ANT - recover 2012, detect 2012, animal mapping
CBS - detections spring 2012, then updated recover dates and depths
HWI - 2012 rcvr metadata; new stations
MPS - 2012 mid-season rollover
NSP - rcvr metadata
SAF - mosel and algoa rollover and detections
SGS - mission and tagging metadata 2012
SMRSL - detections and animal matching

New roles, schemas, data:
IFC - Ian Fleming Cod Tagging
IFS1 - OTN Canada Atlantic Salmon Smolt DST Study
IFS2 - OTN Canada Atlantic Salmon Kelt DST and Acoustic Tag Study

New Table:
OBIS.RELEASES (for acoustic releases FK)

Data Version 2.0 , September 25, 2012

POST -- this is the first POST push